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Another week gone and another deadline I nearly missed. As I scramble for a fresh topic, I quickly discover an idea which builds upon a subject I refer to often. VA Health Care Benefits. Rather than explaining the Veterans Health Ad­ministration (VHA) eligibility requirements or enrollment process, I hope to educate about one of the services provided. While I am not sell­ing anything, I do hope someone “buys” into VA health care and enrolls (for free).

If you qualify for VA health care benefits, you may be able to get some or all your vision care through VA. If you have VA health care bene­fits, VA will cover your routine eye exams and preventive vision testing (like testing for glau­coma). Talk to your VA primary care provider or contact your nearest VA medical center or clin­ic to schedule an eye exam. If you’re a blind or low vision Veteran, you may be able to get more advanced vision care and rehabilitation services.

VA will even cover the cost of eyeglasses if you meet one of the following requirements.

At least one of these must be true: you have a compensable service-connected disability (a dis­ability linked to your military service for which you’re receiving VA disability payments), or are a former prisoner of war (POW), or were award­ed a Purple Heart, or receive benefits under Title 38 United States Code (U.S.C.) 1151, or receive an increased pension based on your being perma­nently housebound and in need of regular aid and attendance.

VA will also cover the cost of eyeglasses if you have at least one of the following issues. Vision problems caused by an illness—or the treatment of an illness—for which you’re receiving VA care. Vision problems caused by an injury—or the treatment of an injury—for which you’re re­ceiving VA care. Functional impairment or cog­nitive impairment that’s severe enough to make it hard for you to do everyday tasks. Vision and/or hearing loss that’s severe enough to interfere with your ability to take an active role in your own health care—and eyeglasses would help to reduce the impact of your impairment.

If you are already enrolled in VA health care, then talk to your primary care provider about vi­sion care. If not, then please talk to your CVSO about eligibility and enrollment


Brad Anderson is the Lake County Veterans Service Officer and can be reached at 218.834.8326, or cvso@co.lake.mn.us

Karen Christianson is the Cook County Veterans Service Officer and can be reached at 218.387.3639, or karen. christianson@co.cook.mn.us

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