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LAUNCH EVENT:  Blood in the Tracks: The Minnesota Musicians behind Dylan’s Masterpiece  with authors Paul Metsa and Rick Shefchik at Zenith Bookstore on September 14th

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (August 14, 2023)— Zenith Bookstore in Duluth will welcome au­thors Paul Metsa and Rick Shefchik for a talk and book signing for their new book Blood in the Tracks: The Minnesota Musicians behind Dylan’s Masterpiece (University of Minne­sota Press, Pub date: September 12, 2023) on Thursday, September 14, 2023 at 7:00 PM.

Blood in the Tracks tells the story of two nights in Minneapolis when six Minnesota musicians participated in a recording session with Bob Dylan as he re-recorded five songs on Blood on the Tracks, bringing their unique sound to some of Dylan’s best-known songs. Much of what they recorded in two sponta­neous nights would end up as the takes on the final album, but for more than forty years their contributions went unacknowledged. While their credits did eventually come to light, their stories have never been fully told.

A quick and enjoyable read, Blood in the Tracks is focused very much on honoring and lifting up the lives of the Minneapolis musi­cians—drummer Bill Berg, bassist Billy Peter­son, keyboardist Gregg Inhofer, guitar players Chris Weber and Kevin Odegard, and mando­lin player Peter Ostroushko.

A rare look at the making—or remaking— of an all-time great album, and a long overdue recognition of the musicians who made it hap­pen, Blood in the Tracks brings to life a trans­formative moment in the history of rock and roll, for the first time in its true context and with its complete cast of players.

Zenith Bookstore (318 N. Central Ave, Duluth, MN ). For more information, visit: https://zenithbookstore.com/events         

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