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Tofte Spruce Budworm Risk Reduction Project Work Begins June 1, 2024

The project will temporarily close a section of 6 Hundred Rd. (FR 166) and Wringer Lake Rd. (FR 344)

Duluth, MN –– May 14, 2024 –– The Superior National Forest (NF) has issued Forest Closure Order 09-09-24-03 that temporarily restricts all traffic (motorized and nonmotorized) onto the 6 Hundred Rd (FR 166) from the junction of the Temperance River Road (approximate­ly 5.15 miles northwest of State Highway 61) going east (approximately 4.9 miles to County Road 2, and the Wringer Lake Road at Wringer Lake heading south 4.4 miles to the 6 Hundred Rd.

The Order goes into effect on June 1 to Septem­ber 10, 2024, to increase the protection of Superior NF visitors and residents living in the area, in­crease the protection of employees engaged in the various missions of the National Forest Sys­tem, increase the protection of natural resources, and allow emergency vehicle access.

The Closure Order is needed to protect public health and safety during vegetation manage­ment activities. The area has extensive spruce budworm damage, and the project will help re­duce the risk of wildfire reduction of diseased trees. The roads are hilly and narrow making passing and maneuvering around logging truck traf­fic dangerous. Since the area is very popular during the fall for leaf viewing, the Superior NF will lift the closure at midnight on Septem­ber 10, 2024, to allow for leaf viewing.

However, the Superior NF may additional­ly close FRs 344 and 166 from December 1, 2024 to March 15, 2025, to complete remaining spruce budworm risk mitigation activities.

An alternate route is available via Minnesota Highway 61 during the closure period. Vege­tation management activities will occur on and around Wringer Lake Road. There are two alternate routes via Richey Lake Road (FS Rd 346) and County Road 2 available to the pub­lic for access and to avoid logging truck traffic (see Order 09-09-24-03 Exhibit A map).

This wildfire risk reduction project will in­crease our ability to control wildfire activity through hazardous fuel removal and protect residents and communities in the area,” says Ellen Bogardous-Szymaniak, Tofte District Ranger, Superior NF. “The road closures are needed to protect the public and workers.”

Superior NF staff and contractors understand that these updates may cause some inconve­nience to your everyday and vacation travels, and we seek your kind understanding and co­operation. If you have additional questions, please contact the Tofte District Ranger Office at 218-663-8060 for up-to-date project infor­mation. You can additionally sign up for Tofte Ranger District updates and news by going to our website and clicking on ‘sign up for our newsletter’ and choose ‘Tofte District informa­tion” at Superior NF Newsletter.

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