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Letters to the Editor


As an American citizen born and raised in the USA, I find I am more and more disgust­ed and embarrassed by the types of so-called ‘politicians’, ‘leaders’ of our governmental in­stitutions who have done zilch to improve this wonderful country. While we common sense citizens watch as our government continually flushes our freedoms and rights down the toi­let. Too many governors and leaders put their own agendas ahead of the needs and wishes of their own states.

While this clown administration plunges the toilets when our freedoms and rights plug up said toilets. This country used to be a proud and knowledgeable free thinking nation, it has become unrecognizable to me and others. This nation sent men to the moon SIX TIMES. Now it has degraded to a so-called president who will only debate on HIS terms. While the opposition candidate only flings fecal matter back. No talks or speeches on what needs to be done to right this flailing vessel of a nation. Some college age kids in their late teens can’t tell anyone how many states there are, what 3x3x3 equals, or even how to read an analog clock. But, they can tell anyone their pronouns or what they identify as. These young brain­washed humans are supposedly going to lead this nation in the future. Crime used to be pun­ished, not belayed because it was someone else’s fault they did what they did. The news media used to be truthful, now just a shell of its former self, government controlled and censored. Billions of dollars going to a coun­try that doesn’t deserve or pay our taxes. Yet many here go hungry and live on the streets just outside big money corporations and rich politicians. And the only thing they say is; ‘well we’ll have to raise your taxes because of our budget shortfalls’. Politicians won’t stand up and say ‘us politicians are a lousy lot and we screwed up, but, I made my millions.’ This is a great country if led by great leaders. It’s been quite a while since I have seen one.

Kurt Johnson
Silver Bay

May 20, 2024

Dear Editor,

Last week, both the Lake County Press and NorthShore Journal published articles about the proposed cuts for Lake Superior School Distract #381. While it’s disheartening to see any cuts being made, two cuts that were not mentioned in the articles were cutting our THHS full time band and choir employees to 0.8 and 0.7 FTE positions. We were particular­ly dismayed to see such cuts proposed as we have two new young enthusiastic music teach­ers in band and choir who are rebuilding our music program from the very capable hands of the excellent retired music teachers and after recovering from 2 + years of COVID disrup­tions. They now have more students interested in pursuing band and choir than last year and the students have made wonderful progress un­der their energetic leadership! Instead of re­warding the teachers for their hard work and dedication, they have their positions (wages and hours) proposed to be cut. This is just at a juncture when things are taking off again. We don’t want to lose these capable young music educators.

Music education is such an important part of our students’ education. Not only does it help with creative expression, but it has been proven to help strengthen students’ memory function in other areas of life as well. It also enhances their academic, emotional, social development and mental health. We realize our students will still have music education but at a reduced level. Why disrupt what has already been started and take the chance of los­ing some great music educators who are get­ting fantastic results.

If you are concerned about this loss, let your school board know we don’t want to lose the equivalent of a half time position in our THHS music department. You can address your emails to dpeterson@isd381.org and they will be forwarded on to the school board members.

Karen and Glenn Johnson, Two Harbors

To the Lake County School Board

Through the years, the Silver Bay Schools have had a variety of items that needed to be re­placed, what school hasn’t. Buses, lawn mow­ers, cafeteria trays & utensils, sewing machines and kitchen equipment for the home etc. rooms, and a number of other things.

The things that are listed above were re­placed with used ones from the Two Harbors High Schools to the SB schools. If these used items were good enough for SB schools, why weren’t they good enough for TH schools to continue using them?

Why do the TH schools get the new equip­ment and the SB schools get their hand me downs?

Now the SB school needs new furniture for their remodeled areas. Guess what? TH school is, once again, giving SB school their furniture.

Maybe, this time, these items were in storage somewhere. But if not, and TH is giving SB hand me downs again, Shame on You!

Hopefully, I’ve got this wrong. Hopefully the information that was passed on to me, when I was a student in SB or when my children saw these things happening, and now my grand­children, is all a bunch of bunk.

But if this has been going on for all these years, all I have to say is, “That’s Nice, that’s Real Nice”!!

Bonnie Sundvick
Finland, MN

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