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April Holds Hope for Spring’s Arrival

by Northern News Now meteorologist  Dave Anderson

Now that legendary Vikings coach Bud Grant has passed away in his 90’s, stories popping up seem to indicate that man has met and interacted with every single Minne­sotan there is. I met him about ten years ago in Superior where he was accepting some kind of award in his home town. I nervously approached the legend and sheepishly tried to introduce myself before asking him for an interview for Channel 6. He gruffly said, “I know who you are, I watch you at my cabin near Hayward”. It was a big deal to find out one of our states greatest heroes knew who I was. Best wishes to KBJR reporter Natalie Grant, who is Bud’s granddaughter.

Let’s all pay a little tribute to Mr. Grant when we get to open up our cabins for the season. I hope we get the chance to do that in April. Long range charts indicate that the month will be near normal for precip and for temperature, too. That should melt off our heavy snow fairly rapidly. Of course, we don’t want it to melt too quickly because that will lead to flooding troubles.

This time around, April should be mild but showery from the 1st to the 6th. The 7th to the 9th could be sunny and mild and melt some snow. The 10th to 13th, though, could be cold and snowy and replace what melts. That in turn may return to the water cycle from whence it came due to the 14th to 17th expecting another warm and sunny stretch. In fact, it may get even warmer from the 18th to the 25th. After that, the 26th to 30th should be a period of even warmer weather.

Best wishes to all this spring. As the Beatles once sang, it’s been a long and lone­ly winter. Hopefully spring and summer turn out to be everything we hope for because winter will return sooner than later.

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