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Letter to the Editor

Greetings fellow Citizens of Silver Bay,

As I see the potential changes coming our way I would like to throw out this for thoughts, ideas & discussion:

With the totally funded Gitchee Gami Trail Head Center soon to get underway, the completion of the Gitchee Gami Bike Trail right through our town (opening up miles, & miles of blacktop riding adventure all along the Northshore, and the obviously booming E-Bike popularity, it seems like Silver Bay has the opportunity to become the most bicycle friendly town in the state/county/country.  We could be an example to everyone on how to do it right.  Certainly many retail opportunities exist both for existing local businesses & forward thinking investors. Not to mention how nice it would be to bike around town ourselves in relative safety as we leave the car at home & head out to get a cup of coffee before a quick run to Tettegouche & back to meet our fitness goals for the day.  How do we do this?  Clearly marked Bike paths, signage to support safety, a sweet little city Bike map highlighting shops, trails & special places, Bike racks everywhere & even Bike charging stations.

I project that e-Bikes will be as popular in our town as ATVs.  Both can exist side by side & make our town a shining example of sustainable, recreational fun. Seems like a win/win to for everyone. Because, as we all know, “Silver Bay is the Best Bay”.

Gene LaFond
Silver Bay

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