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Letter to the Editor

I read with interest, the article about the economic development meeting with resi­dents for the city of Silver Bay. While I didn’t attend the meeting, I knew what the commit­tee would do. And I was right. As I read the article, I noticed the concerns became com­plaints at the end of the article. While every­thing in the middle of the article was the agen­da being forced onto the residents. I have not spoken to a single resident of Silver Bay who does not have legitimate concerns over the placement of a trailhead so close to the down­town area let alone a school. The traffic flow on Outer Drive will grow, contrary to what has been suggested, taxes will not drop or be subsidized. Only the roads for the tourists will be improved. All considerations go to the tourists, with no benefit to the residents. I have lived most of my life in the Twin Cities. Which is why my wife and I moved here, for a better place. When development comes in, no consideration ever goes to the current res­idents, the only important consideration is to the dollar signs seen by those who will see their bank accounts grow. More officers will be needed, more city workers hired, more crime will inevitably tax the law enforcement people of the community. All will come at the expense of the taxpayer. I’ve experienced it in bigger cities. It will happen here. Now my “suggestion” to the committee, is to lis­ten to the concerns (not complaints) of the residents. They are legitimate and deserve truthful responses. Where and when will the residents who won’t make money from this “development” actually benefit from it?

Kurt Johnson
Silver Bay resident

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