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Lake Superior School Board Meeting; August 15, 2023 FFA Student Achievement Highlights School Board Meeting

Four students who have been involved in Future Farmers of America (FFA) during their high school careers took the opportunity on Tuesday night to speak with school board members about the experience and learning that they gained from their involvement in the organization. FFA is an intracurricular organization that focuses on agricultural ed­ucation and helps participants develop lead­ership skills through hands-on, collaborative education.

Grace Swanson, Hailey Radle, Lauren Ol­son and Ethan Swardout, all of whom gradu­ated in June from Two Harbors High School, spoke briefly about the value of learning out­side of the regular classroom setting about topics that were of particular interest to them. Each of the students are planning on pursu­ing post-secondary education, and while they are not necessarily planning on going into FAA related fields, they have gained skills in workload management, self-directed learning and technical and scientific aspects of the ag­ricultural industry.

In the Fall, Swanson will be attending the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, Ra­dle will be attending the University of Min­nesota, Olson will be attending University of North Dakota, and Swardout will be attend­ing Central Lakes College. Leah Bott, Agri­cultural Science Teacher at William Kelley High School, is the Staff Advisor for FFA. The School Board expressed pride in the stu­dents for their accomplishments and wished them success as they each pursue the next phase of their lives.

The Lake Superior School District is join­ing Minnesota’s Free School Meal Program. All students are entitled to one breakfast and one lunch per day, free of charge. More infor­mation about the program is available on the District website. Parents and Guardians are asked to complete an application form which is also available on-line. Filling out the ap­plication will help district schools qualify for additional education funds, discounts and other meal programs.

The District will be working on strategic planning with the Minnesota School Boards Association. The MSBA offers strategic plan­ning support for districts around the State. The strategic planning initiatives will help the district clarify and strengthen working re­lationships between the school board and dis­trict administrators, clarify expectations for district operations, help the district focus on continuous improvement and evaluate efforts to pursue academic excellence, align commu­nity values with district policies and help the district meet the requirements to plan and de­velop the World’s Best Workforce.

As summer wraps up, district staff are busy getting ready for the start of the school year. Construction work has made it necessary for summer programs and classroom equipment to be moved to buildings where space was available. Teachers, administrators and sup­port staff are working to get classrooms and offices put back together and expect to be ready when students return on September 5th.

Orientation for new teachers will be held on August 28th. There are five new teachers who will be joining the academic staff this semes­ter. Two Harbors High School will be hold­ing an open house on August 29th from 5 to 7 p.m. Due to construction, other buildings will be holding open house events after the start of the school year. The next School Board meeting is scheduled for September 12th, 6:00 p.m. at William Kelley School.

Rick Evans
Rick Evans
My wife, Marsha Kinzer (a proud DEHS Greyhound, class of ‘77) introduced me to the North Shore on vacation in 2012. It became our regular escape when the stress of our careers in education became overwhelming, and it didn’t take me long to fall in love with the breathtaking scenery, the nice people, and “salad” containing Jell-o and marshmallows. So you can either blame or thank my loving wife for my being here, because when we needed to choose a retirement hometown, Marsha advocated hard for her beloved Duluth, and here we are, six months later. Yes, this will be my first northern Minnesota winter. Yes, I welcome thoughts and prayers. Government, public policy, and social justice weighed heavily in the curriculums I taught at the high school level over a thirty-eight year career. In addition, we were a laboratory school focused on critical thinking in conjunction with technical and scientific writing. So when I found myself adrift on the great ocean of retirement and spied a raft, I jumped at the chance to take up what I’d left behind…minus the bad teachers’ lounge coffee. My position at the NSJ allows me to combine my passions for government and writing, and it’s helping me to feel less out of touch in new surroundings. When I’m not being “Cubby” (Marsha’s favorite new nickname for this green reporter) I enjoy pointing at eagles and saying, “Look, honey. There’s an eagle.” I’ve had an active side hustle as a professional musician for almost as many years as Charlie Parr. As a guitarist/singer/songwriter, I graced the stages of clubs and festivals around southern Wisconsin, including an appearance on A Prairie Home Companion. Should I even mention A Prairie Home Companion, or am I the only one here old enough to remember what that is? Look! An eagle!
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