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Football: Agates Lose to Undefeated Eskomos

The Agates had a hard loss to the Eskomos on Friday, September 29th, at the Esko Stadium Field. The Esko varsity team is, at the time of this writing, 5-0-0. Their first four wins were at a large margin, averaging 60 points over their opponents. It’s hard to go up against that kind of momentum, but the Two Harbors team had them feeling the pressure when the score going into the 3rd was 7-3. A few big plays by Esko led to a 32-3 final score. Two Harbors is 3-0-2 in the current standings and will host Rock Ridge this Friday, October 6th at 7:00 p.m.

The Agates are big on “family.” The word follows online posts. It’s on banners. It makes sense to me that a team, their coaching staff, their parents, and fans would feel like a family, but I recently learned it’s also an acronym. One of the team’s mottos is Forget About Me I Love You. The team works for each other and the community. Game day volunteering posts appear on Facebook as the players perform community service in the area. Most recently Will Fransen, Zack Libal, and Jace Ruberg helped with a move at Neighbor To Neighbor.

The family is blended, with players from Two Harbors, William Kelley, and Marshall schools. Jacob Carpenter (previously erroneously reported as Jacob Nelson) from SilverBay has his dad on the sidelines as a member of the coaching staff. Two Harbors’ Tate Nelson and Cooper Nelson both have dads on the coaching staff, as well. Thank you to the whole family for being patient with the name mix-match!

In the previous article No Place Like Home-coming, where the error occurred, I complained a bit about the weather at the game. Looking at the forecast now, there isn’t rain showing up on Friday. It looks like it’ll be a bit chilly, though. Again, I bet football fans out there would be saying “it’s not so bad.”

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