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Karl O Steinbronn
37167 N Bass Lake Rd
Grand Rapids MN 55744


1. Default has occurred in the Contract for Purchase for Purchase of Tax-Forfeited Land dated October 30, 2019 and filed for record October 31, 2019, as Document Number A000192898, in the office of the County Recorder of Lake County, Minne­sota, in which Linda K Libal, Lake County Auditor, acting on behalf of the State of Minnesota, sold to Karl O Steinbronn, the real property in Lake County, Minnesota, described as: Southwest Quarter of South­east Quarter, Section 35, Township 57, Range 7. Parcel ID: 26-5700-35850.

2. Property was purchased at a public auc­tion on October 30, 2019, under the terms of contract sales approved by resolution of the Lake County Board of Commissioners.

3. The default is as follows: The 2021 in­stallment due on the anniversary date of the contract, October 30, 2021, has not been paid. The property taxes payable in 2021 have not been paid. The 2022 install­ment due on the anniversary date of the contract, October 30, 2022, has not been paid. The property taxes payable in 2022 have not been paid.

4. The Auditor’s Office has received au­thorization from the Lake County Board of Commissioners to cancel defaulted tax-forfeited land contracts, listed as Con­tracts in Default as of 2/14/2023 by approv­al of consent agenda item 4 at the meeting held February 28, 2023.

5. The County Auditor has begun proceed­ings under Minn. Stat. 559.21 to cancel your contract for deed for the reasons specified in paragraph 3 above. The con­tract will be canceled on August 31, 2023, unless, before that time, you pay the total amount due on the date when paid or you secure from a county or district court an order that cancelation of the contract be suspended until all your claims of defens­es are finally disposed of by trial, hearing, or settlement. Your action must specifically state those facts and grounds that demon­strate your claims or defenses.

If you do not pay the total amount due or secure a court order before August 31, 2023, you will lose all the money paid un­der the contract, lose your right to possess the property, and you will be evicted. You may also lose your right to assert claims and defenses. If you have any questions about this notice, contact an attorney im­mediately.

The amount due if paid by or on August 31, 2023 is listed below:

Contract Installment: $45,610.96

Property taxes payable in 2021: $678.74

Property taxes payable in 2022: $633.58

Cost of Publication: $ 234.75

Total Due if paid by August 31, 2023, $47,158.03

The name, address, and telephone num­ber of the county auditor authorized to accept payment is listed below. Since the amounts stated above are subject to increase, please contact the county audi­tor’s office at (218)834-8315 for the exact amount required to redeem your contract and any further information concerning the impending cancelation of your contract.

Dated: May 3, 2023

Linda K Libal
Lake County Auditor
601 3rd Avenue
Two Harbors MN 55616

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