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The lamb side of March may start the month, but the lion may pounce toward the end

By Northern News Now meteorologist Dave Anderson

Last month, we talked about the average temperature for our region being cooler than normal for the year 2022. It wasn’t colder than normal everywhere, though. The stats for 2022 for the continental U.S. say the year averaged 53.4 degrees. That’s 1.4 degree warmer than normal. Records have been kept for 128 years and that number places 2022 in the top third. But for us in northern Minne­sota, that year was colder than usual as men­tioned. We were 1.85 degrees below normal.

March may not push us in either direction for temperatures. We are expected to be pretty close to normal for temps. For precipitation, we may be a little short but not too far way.

March 1st to the 5th should be snowy and mild, the 6th to the 15th will be cold with only light snows, the 16th to the 25th will be sunny and cold and of course, we finish the month with the threat for a snow storm. March is traditionally our snowiest month so I wish everyone good luck in case the usual March ending blizzard comes our way.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac thinks we’ll flip flop conditions in April. Then, it will be a little cooler than normal with near normal precip. Stay tuned as we delve into that next month.

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