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From the Lake County Sheriff’s Office – Malberg Lake Rescue

June 7, 2024

On June 6, 2024, at 1546 hours (3:46 p.m.), Lake County Dispatch received a call from a female party whose husband was in the BWCA with three other men. She indicated that she received a call from Focus Point Interna­tional stating that they had received an SOS from a locator from that group. Coordinates from the locator placed the group on Malberg Lake within the BWCA, and there was no information available as to the type of emer­gency that may be occurring due to the loca­tor not having messaging capability.

Based on the limited information, the US Forest Service was contacted to see if a Bea­ver could fly in with a Lake County Deputy and medical personnel to check on the group. At approximately 1747 hours, initial contact was made with the group. The group indicat­ed that a 69-year-old member of their group was last seen at 1130 that morning when he went for a walk and had not returned.

Based on the remote location and time of day, a ground search was planned utilizing Lake County Search and Rescue personnel, which would start the following morning.

The Minnesota State Patrol was requested and with the assistance of their fixed wing aircraft, they were able to locate the missing party some distance away from the location of the group. The missing party was actively trying to communicate with the aircraft.

The decision was made to activate the Minnesota Aviation Rescue Team (MART) through the Minnesota State Patrol to assist in rescuing the missing party.

At approximately 2342, the missing party was rescued and transported via helicopter to the Ely airport where he was checked out by medical personnel.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Minnesota State Patrol, US Forest Service, Minnesota Aviation Rescue Team and Ely Ambulance for their assistance.

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