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Christmas Tea on the Edna G

Christmas lights illuminate the interior of the tugboat Edna G. While not a standard setting for a tea, the tugboat is cozy, comfortable, and festive. Guests are served tea sandwiches, cookies, mini eclairs, small cream puffs, and of course, tea.

Inaugurated in 2021, the Christmas Tea has become an annual tradition for the Friends of the Edna G, who, along with Lovin’ Lake County, sponsor the event as a fundraiser for the Edna G’s upkeep. It takes time and money to maintain and restore the Edna G, as she is 126 years old.

The Edna G was built in 1896 to assist ore carriers into and out of Agate Bay. During World War I, she hauled coal barges along the East Coast. Later, she became an icebreaker and was involved in firefighting and rescue operations. She was retired in December 1980, and has since sat in her berth at the tug dock in Two Harbors.

A little boat with a big history, the Edna G serves to remind people of the history of tugboats on the lake. She also serves as an iconic landmark in Two Harbors – the little maroon and-yellow tugboat.

Some groups incorporate the Christmas Tea on the Edna G into an already-existing tradition of participating in an annual Christmas Tea. For others, this may be their first Christmas Tea.

Having a Christmas Tea on the Edna G, though, is an entirely unique experience, from the intimate setting to the perpetual yet gentle motion of the boat rocking in her berth.

Tickets can be purchased through the Friends of the Edna G by visiting https:// friendsofednag.org/events/christmas-tea-onthe-edna-g-2022/ . The cost is $50 for adults and $25 for children. The teas occur every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the weeks leading from Thanksgiving to Christmas. This year’s teas started November 26th and will continue until December 19th.

No matter how you celebrate the Christmas season, a tea can always add a memorable and delicious touch; and what more quaint place could there be than aboard the Edna G?

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