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Superior Finds Owner Ready for Retirement, Unlocks Unique Turnkey Opportunity

The owner of Superior Finds, Sandy Knupp, is ready to pass the torch of the beloved gift shop and embark on a well-deserved retirement. With nearly four successful years under its belt, the shop, located at 601 1st Ave. in downtown Two Harbors, has become a local gem, offering a diverse range of new, up-cycled, vintage, and handcrafted items. The store is a testament to Sandy’s passion for retail, her eye for unique finds, and her dedication to creating an unforgettable shopping experience.

Sandy’s journey to the area began seven years ago when she was transferred by Kwik Trip from the Twin Cities to help open and work at the Two Harbors store.

It was here that she decided to plant her roots and open Superior Finds. Though she could’ve retired from Kwik Trip, Sandy wasn’t quite ready. “I thought okay, I’m going to do one more store and get it out of my system.” This venture marked what she calls her “fourth and final,” gift shop that she opened, a culmination of a lifelong career in retail and wholesale that began when she was just sixteen.

The sign outside of Superior Finds aptly states, “expect the unexpected,” inviting customers to explore a curated selection of items. Fifty local consignors contribute to the store’s offerings, making up 15% of its inventory and selling everything from tiny earrings to large wall art. Sandy also travels to select merchandise for upcoming seasons. In fact, she’s already booked her trip in January to buy for Christmas 2024.

What sets Superior Finds apart is not just the eclectic merchandise, but also the personalized touch Sandy brings to the store. She enjoys meeting and chatting with customers and loves to put together displays. She’s created an atmosphere that is fun and comfortable to shop in.

She anticipates business will continue to thrive for the next owner. “This last year was so successful that I feel I’m at a point that I can walk away from it and be happy,” Sandy, who employs three part-time employees, said. “There’s still going to be mixed emotions. But I can be okay with myself leaving it.”

As Sandy prepares to retire, she sees this as an opportunity for someone local or an aspiring entrepreneur to take the reins of Superior Finds. The success of the business, coupled with a loyal customer base, makes it an attractive proposition. Sandy highlights the positive feedback she consistently receives, with customers dubbing it their “favorite place to shop.”

The strategic location of the store near the heart of town, offering a view of ships in and out of the harbor, adds to its appeal. Out of town customers assure her that Superior Finds is their first stop when driving up the shore. Even during the winter months, Sandy notes that local traffic keeps the business thriving year-round.

Sandy plans to travel after retiring and is looking forward to relaxing.

I can attest that there are treasures to be found at Superior Finds. In just a quick visit I spotted cards, books, hats, candles, clothing, and lots of Minnesota swag. It would be a good place to do some holiday shopping!

For those interested in this turnkey opportunity, reach out to Jenni Viken at the Meritus Group (218-830-2525).

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