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Petition to Oust NSH CEO Kimber Wraalstad Has 500 Signers

Michelle Miller, a longtime resident of Cook County, started an online petition to submit to the North Shore Health (NSH) board of directors at its next meeting seeking the immediate removal of current CEO Kimber Wraalstad.

Miller spoke to the board at its meeting on November 16 about the toxic workplace that Wraalstad oversees, culminating in the termination of longtime and popular ER doctor Bruce Dahlman.

Recognizing that there is a groundswell of concern in the community about the issue of a hostile work environment at NSH, Miller created the petition, planning to deliver it to the hospital board at their next public meeting.

The petition went online on Friday afternoon, the 24th. As of Tuesday morning, there were 476 signers, with more signing throughout the day.

Hearing from some people that the issue will blow over, Miller said, “This is too important to let it blow over.” She recognizes that positive changes at NSH will require a sustained effort from members of the public to influence NSH directors and staff.

The petition states: “A devastating loss of valuable employees has occurred across all departments under the administration of Kimber Wraalstad.  This significant drop in employee retention rates has led to our hospital being regularly and severely understaffed in many departments.”

The demand concludes, “We, the citizens of Cook County, as well as the part-time residents and frequent visitors who vacation here, (ALL of whom depend on healthcare and emergency services from NSH), demand that the Board of Directors of NSH take immediate action by removing Kimber Wraalstad from her position as Administrator.”

Miller created the petition on the website www.Change.org, titled Demand the removal of Kimber Wraalstad as Administrator of North Shore Health, under Citizens Concerned for Cook County Healthcare. To sign the petition, go online to Change.org and enter the title in the search field.

Change.org is an international, non-profit social change platform started in 2007.

Miller wrote in the petition, “We believe this action is vital and necessary to ensure that excellent healthcare can once again thrive at North Shore Health, Cook County, Minnesota. Stand with us in demanding that the NSH Board of Directors make this change at North Shore Health; sign this petition today!”

Steve Fernlund
Steve Fernlund
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