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Rep. Natalie Zeleznikar – Investing in Our Communities

The 2023 session began with a historic $17.5 billion surplus. While Minnesotans were promised a $2,000 rebate, the actual refund was a mere $260, with even less after taxes. As your State Representative, I believe ‘delivering for you’ means putting more money in your wallet, not the government’s bank account.

Under one-party rule, the entire surplus was spent in five months, and taxes and fees were increased by another $10 billion. The government grew by 40%, and these costs will fall on taxpayers. Government programs are funded by taxes paid by businesses and individuals.

Investing in our communities means reducing the tax burden and stopping excessive government spending. I supported initiatives to:

  • Eliminate sales tax on baby supplies and school supplies.
  • Provide a child tax credit for those earning more than $14/ hour individually and over $17/ hour as a couple.
  • Provide property tax relief, especially for disabled veterans.
  • Eliminate the gas tax increases and ensure EV drivers contribute fairly to road and bridge maintenance.
  • Eliminate social security taxes for all income levels.
  • Ensure diverse energy options to keep home heating affordable and energy reliable, including natural gas, propane, wood, nuclear, and more.
  • Enhance trade programs in schools to ensure strong pathways for students, including Career Technical Education (CTE).

I understand Minnesotans’ frustration as they see their hard-earned money wasted on ‘historic fraud’ involving taxpayer funds. Cases include:

  • $250 million for the Feeding Our Future fraud, where shell companies funneled money into luxury items instead of feeding children.
  • $200 million in improperly distributed frontline hero pay, which should have gone to healthcare workers who risked their lives during the pandemic.
  • $11 million for non-emergency transportation that never occurred.

The total of $465 million wasted due to incompetence could have been used to:

  • Help school districts facing budget cuts and teacher layoffs.
  • Defer rising property taxes.
  • Provide a middle-class child tax credit.
  • Support family and free-standing childcare centers to reduce costs by increasing supply.
  • Assist seniors on fixed incomes with food, housing, and other needs.

The government is funded by taxpayers, and when it grows by 40%, the need to fund new programs grows too. It’s time to restore checks and balances, and properly verify all non-profit funding. Taxpayers deserve nothing less.

I work for you, and I will always work hard like you do to assure we are moving in the right direction. A direction that ‘Makes life Affordable Again’.

Better days ahead,
Rep. Zeleznikar

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