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Lake County Winter Wonderland Lights Up Two Harbors for the Holidays

The enchantment of the holiday season came alive in downtown Two Harbors as the inaugural Lake County Winter Wonderland illuminated the night on Thursday, December 14th. The festive event promised “Magical Lights” and “Dazzling Nights,” and it deliv­ered just that, creating a memorable experience for residents and visitors alike.

As families gathered near the towering Christmas tree next to the Two Harbors Post Office, the air buzzed with excitement. “I’ve never seen this in real life,” exclaimed a young boy, his eyes wide with wonder. “I HAVE seen it on the Grinch, though.” The absence of snow underfoot didn’t dampen the holiday spirit, and the unseasonably mild temperature of 47 degrees added an unexpected twist to the traditional winter celebration.

The downtown area transformed into a hol­iday wonderland, with vibrant lights adorn­ing buildings and streets. Local shops opened their doors, music filled the air, and the prom­ise of drinks, hot chocolate, and shopping drew attendees into the heart of the celebra­tion.

Mayor Lew Connor of Two Harbors ex­pressed his gratitude to everyone who contributed to making the Winter Wonderland a reality. In a short speech, he thanked Lovin’ Lake County, the Lake County Commission board, the city council, and Certified Lights, among other sponsors.

Amidst anticipation, a countdown marked the official lighting of the Christmas tree. Two little helpers threw the switch and the tree illuminated to the delight of the crowd, accompanied by applause and joyous excla­mations.

“Not having the snow makes it a little bit different feel for it,” the Mayor said, referring to the event. “It would’ve been kind of nice to have a white Christmas, but I was excited about it. “

While Two Harbors had previously hosted a Light Up the Park Event, this marked the first attempt to illuminate the entire down­town area. The city’s leader sees great potential for the Winter Wonderland to become a cherished tradition, bringing the community together for years to come. Optimistic about the event’s future, the mayor told me, “I think this will be an annual event now.”

Exiting the event, attendees couldn’t resist stopping to capture the magic. A stunning display of lit-up moose and deer in the park served as a perfect backdrop for photographs. The absence of snow may have altered the atmosphere, but the holiday spirit prevailed, evident in the smiles of event-goers as they stood next to the towering displays and spar­kling lights.

As Mayor Connor wished, the Lake County Winter Wonderland has left an indelible mark on Two Harbors, promising to become a cher­ished annual tradition that brings the community together for festive nights and dazzling lights.

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