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“Tender Offerings”: Gathering + Art Show + Art Activity at Two Harbors Public Library

Two Harbors, October 17, 2023 — Two Harbors interdisciplinary artist Kayla Schilt­gen, in collaboration with a team of local fel­low creators, invites the community to join in the celebration of her visual art exhibit, “Ten­der Offerings.” This unique event promises a meaningful evening filled with art, commu­nity, and creative expression, and will take place on Tuesday, November 7th, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at the Two Harbors Public Li­brary.

“Tender Offerings” celebrates the gifts of our place, Two Harbors. Created using sec­ond hand and found materials, each piece is a glimpse into the feelings that arise when Kayla considers the unique gifts of our rural community. From the magnificent Lake Su­perior to the magical wildflowers that dot the roadside in Summer, Kayla draws inspiration from her lived experience of our unique place to build this collection. Offering insight into the relationship between the natural environ­ment, culture, and well-being “Tender Offer­ings” is a fresh take on place-based steward­ship.

The community is warmly invited to take part in this playful event where we’ll make the artwork come alive through creative re­flections and a hands-on art-tastic activity. This event is open to individuals of all ages, experiences, and abilities, emphasizing in­clusivity and creativity. The community will have an opportunity to contribute to the art exhibit and provide input for future in­teractions of “Tender Offerings”, including a free quarterly art zine (pronounced like “bean”) for the community.

Visit or call the Two Harbors Public Li­brary at (218) 834-3148 to reserve your spot. To learn more about Kayla Schiltgen and “Tender Offerings,” please visit www.kaylaschiltgen.com  or follow her on Insta­gram @kaylaschiltgen.

Kayla was also just awarded a Minneso­ta State Arts Board grant to bring her new dance film exploring gender, solitude and the feminization of the natural environment to life. To help her create this work she will be holding free community dance classes at the Two Harbors Public Library in March 2024.

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