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LP Building Solutions Awards Local Student College Scholarship

College is EXPENSIVE. I, like many others, am still paying loans from a decade ago or lon­ger. Students rely on financial aid and student loans to help pay for their continuing educa­tion. Scholarships can be a huge relief on that burden. LP Building Solutions, a manufacturer of building materials with a plant in Two Har­bors, has been assisting on that front by part­nering with the Scholarship America program.

LP Building Solutions, who just celebrated their 50th anniversary last year, has awarded $2.2 million in scholarships to over 450 chil­dren of employees since the company started the program in 2001. According to LP’s re­cent press release, recipients are awarded up to $6,000 for four years. This year, 20 first time recipients and 40 renewal recipients were awarded scholarships.

Applicants must demonstrate academ­ic achievements, leadership, participation in school and community activities, honors, fi­nancial needs, and provide statement goals and aspirations.

“Through the LP Scholarship program, we are not only preparing the leaders of tomor­row,” stated LP Chair and CEO Brad Southern in the press release. (The full press release can be found at lpcorp.com under the “about-lp” section.)

“It’s a really good way to give back to our em­ployees and their families,” Jen Bowman, Cor­porate Communications Specialist at LP, told me. “I’m so happy that LP offers this.”

LP Scholarship recipient George Rolfe. (Northshore Journal archives)

George Rolfe, a student at the College of St. Scholastica, is also pretty happy that LP offers such a great scholarship program. A recipient this year, George just completed his second year at the college and aspires to be a pediatrician. “I love being able to go into a more medically ori­ented school and the LP scholarship was a big reason that allowed me to be able to afford going there,” he said.

Matt Rolfe, George’s dad, has worked for LP at the Two Harbors location for over 20 years. He currently works as a Regional Finance Manager. When he heard about the scholarship program from his manager, he urged his son to apply. Shortly after, George received the letter con­firming he would be awarded the scholarship.

“It felt just awesome to be recognized by the employer of my family,” George said. “It was an honor to be recognized for hard work and to be allowed to continue my education.”

Congratulations to George Rolfe on the scholarship award!

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