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Hugo’s Classic Car Show and Tractor Parade –A Pretty Big Wheel

Fabulous Fords, perfect Pontiacs, curvy Corvettes, and dream cars and trucks of all eras and styles lined up at Hugo’s Bar in Brimson this past Saturday. I strolled slowly between them all, stopping to take a picture of the bright red ’66 Mustang for my dad. I stopped again for a picture of a sleek, black Ford Ranger for my husband (which I sent, via text, accompanied with a line from a Ford Ranger related tune going around on TikTok). If I would’ve had my pick of any to drive home, the GTO would’ve been good-to-go.

Hugo’s tractor parade was a hit for young and old(er). (photo credit: Sarah K. Simon)

An old Bronco was getting a lot of attention with heads tucked un-der the hood. Folks were gathered around in lawn chairs chatting, catching up with old friends and making new ones. The Split-Rox Acoustic Project filled the air with folk songs and soft rock, adding to the laid-back atmosphere of those gathered to celebrate the love of motor vehicles and good company.

I had, unfortunately, not been present when the tractor parade had headed out to take their tour. When they returned, I was John Deere green with envy I hadn’t been part of the fun. Kids and adults alike smiled and waved, tossing the final bits of candy out to those who awaited their return. It was a good day for a ride!

To keep up with events out at Hugo’s, visit the Hugo’s Bar Facebook page. For more in-formation about the Split-Rox Acoustic Project, visit split-rox.com.

Feel free to contact me at sarahwritesnsj@yahoo.com  with any news we should news about!

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