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Bev Bright Memorial Pet Walk Marches on at the Lake County Fairgrounds

On Saturday, September 16, sundry people and their pets gathered at the Lake County Fairgrounds for the Bev Bright Memorial Pet Walk. The tradition of a walk to fundraise for the Lake County Humane Society has been taking place annually for approximately 25 years, but it was in 2012 that the walk was named after Bev Bright. 

Bev Bright was a board member of the Lake County Humane Society, and in 2012 Bev passed away from pancreatic cancer. Now her children and grandchildren carry on her legacy by leading the annual walk.

The walk originally started from the animal shelter, but as it grew over the years it was moved to Lakeview Park. This year it moved to the Lake County Fairgrounds – the pole barn providing shelter in case of inclement weather. Fortunately this year’s walk was the perfect fall weather day; bright warm sun, crisp fall air, and leaves starting to show their glorious colors. Those who walk find donors to pledge the amount of their choosing for walking the memorial walk mile.

Jack the horse poses with one of the Witchtree trainers for a photo at the Bev Bright Memorial Pet Walk 2023. (submitted photo)

Lunch was available for the first time this year – taco-in-a-bag and root beer floats. Attendees could visit the “Smooch a Pooch” booth or the selfie booth for photo ops, and there was a raffle featuring many baskets donated by individuals and organizations.

Witchtree Training Center was at the event, offering horseback rides to children ages 12 and under. Witchtree Training Center is a nonprofit located in Duluth Township. The two horses with Witchtree at the walk were Jack and Pal, both older horses used for teaching. It was fitting to have Witchtree share their horses at the walk because some of the horses used at Witchtree were formerly “unwanted”, and have since found a home at Witchtree Training Center where they are wanted, much as the humane society seeks to do with other pets.

The current tally for funds from the Bev Bright Memorial Pet Walk is $3,800. Recently the humane society has had an influx of medical cases, and these funds will be put towards caring for the animals with medical needs. Monetary and physical donations are accepted year-round, and as a 501C3 organization, all funds are tax-deductible. The shelter provides a safe place for animals and provides medical care, food, treats, and love. Those interested in volunteering are welcome to stop by the humane society and speak with Michelle, the manager. Michelle is in the office on Mondays and Fridays. Volunteer applications are also available at the humane society’s various open houses.

Contact the Lake County Humane Society at (218) 834-5806, or find them on Facebook. And in the words of the late Bob Barker “… to help control the pet population- have your pets spayed or neutered.”

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Haley Searls
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