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Lake County Board of Commissioners Meeting; April 25, 2023

Brandon Caltrider, of Lake County En­vironmental Services, presented a plan by Environmental Services to conduct a survey of septic systems in the Lake County North Watershed’s Tier-1 areas. Tier-1 encompass­es an area from Knife River to the Beaver River. The survey is designed to address water quality concerns in the entire water­shed. There are properties with abandoned septic systems, as well as properties with old systems that were installed prior to 1973 and prior to the existence of zoning rules for such systems. These systems are likely to be substandard and, according to research data, have a 70% chance of failure which poses a clear threat to both well water and ground­water. Lake County Environmental Services is looking to work with property owners by offering a free septic system inspection. Ad­ditionally, LCES is seeking funding options to help offset the cost of needed repairs and replacement. Caltrider’s presentation was a first step letting the Board of Commissioners know about the issue, talk about the data and consider the scope of the work ahead.

In other business, the Board authorized the purchase of 4 radios to replace the outdated ones that are currently in the department’s squads. The updated radio systems will be installed as new vehicles are purchased for the department. The Board also authorized payment to Central Square Technologies for annual maintenance for the County’s 911 sys­tem.

The Board approved the appointment of Marlys Wisch to serve as Chair of the Lake County Health and Human Services Advi­sory Committee. Wisch’s term will run until December 31st of this year. Kay Shells was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Lake Coun­ty Extension Committee. Her term will be ef­fective through December of 2025.

County Board Chair Rich Sve will be meeting with Senator Grant Hauschild to talk further about funding for the Highway 61 Project. The funding shortfall remains an unresolved issue but both County and City personnel are working to find solutions. The next County Board Action Meeting is scheduled for May 9th from 2 to 4 PM.

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