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When Minnesota Nice Isn’t Enough: New Anonymous Advice Column in the Northshore Journal

Winter is here again. Many of us will find ourselves turning inwards during the long months ahead. There is much to reflect on in the time we spend in deep winter. Much to learn and explore, both inside ourselves and out. The Northshore Journal is hoping to kick off a new section of the paper, JUST FOR YOU!

I’m sure that we all are familiar with what an advice column is. Remember Dear Abby? This means YOU write in to US, via Email, and give us a peek into what’s going on for you. This is an opportunity to tell your story and ask questions. There’s a saying we are all familiar with: Minnesota Nice. As pleasant of a gesture it is to be polite and hold your tongue, sometimes we just can’t bottle up the things we need to say or may be reflecting on. This is your chance! Your identity is completely anonymous. This means no one will know that it’s you! So, if no one knew it was you, what would you say? What is on your mind? What would you ask? We want to be here for you, like you are for us. This effort to offer an advice column is a collaboration of 3 different unique individuals with all kinds of differing experiences, viewpoints, backgrounds, and approaches. These folks’ identities will also be anonymous.

Here are their introductions:

Dear Readers,
I thought I should take a minute to introduce myself so that you’re not getting advice from a complete stranger. I can’t say that I’m good at giving advice, and I can’t say that I’m bad, but I’m certainly willing to try. I’ve had my fair share of painful, awkward, agonizing and uncomfortable human interactions to fill an encyclopedia. Not to mention, enough family dysfunction to scare away anyone from the nuclear family genre. I give advice from my own experience, so bring me your dilemmas, no matter the shock value, and I’ll tell you what I know. With love,
-A Complete Stranger

Dear Readers,
I have been completely enamored by Human Behavior for many years. It fascinates me to try and understand how we work, as such complex beings. I like to take a “birds eye view” approach and zoom out to better understand and gain perspective of how experiences have shaped our understanding. For me, the human experience is an endless rabbit hole I wholeheartedly enjoy exploring and going deeper into. I have studied many different modalities behind healing trauma and theories involving the human condition. I enjoy exploring these things with others and am looking forward to hearing about what’s on your mind.
-Curious Rabbit

Dear Readers,
Plageieses is a copy-cat, someone who knows wisdom, has lived on earth before (and maybe even currently), and been captured through poems, books, philosophy and daily divination. Plageieses enjoys staring at trees while pondering human suffering, cleaning/organizing to manage big emotions, and playing secretly in all ways. Plageieses knows that they don’t know, yet they know that they love to think they know. They are kind of know-it-all, and know they have some good advice, or do they?

So! If there is anything that you, as a reader of the Northshore Journal, would like to get off your chest or ask for any kind of insight or advice, please reach out and write to us through email: WhenMNniceisntenough@gmail.com. Any and all questions regarding any topic are welcome!

Of course there are some rules, you know – legally. Any slanderous, libel, name calling, derogatory or defamatory comments or statements are not allowed and therefore will not be published. So, please refrain from any of the aforementioned. Nobody wants to get sued. More details on rules and guidelines will be available in a later publication.

We are looking forward to hearing what’s on your mind, and to offer support and guidance in any way we can!

Katee Rose
Katee Rose
Katee Rose grew up on the Great Lakes in upstate New York. She left home on a bicycle and embarked on a cross country trip to California following her graduation from college. This trip was the beginning of many more that eventually landed her in countries across Europe, Canada, Mexico and Central America. Learning the cultures, cuisines, history and traditions from the communities she’s spent time in around the world. Katee is passionate about community and social justice movements. As well as engaging with many forms of art and music. For the past 5 years she has called the North Shore home and has been enjoying homesteading a small slice of land in the Northwoods. She is involved in many community efforts around local food, building capacity for a more sustainable future and supporting the elders in the area.
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