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Under the Sea at the Father Daughter Ball

“The seaweed is always greener in some­body else’s lake,” Sebastian warns in Dis­ney’s The Little Mermaid. At the 2024 Father-Daughter Ball, the seaweed is going to be a bit sparklier.

When Lisa Cavallin saw the paper lan­terns used as giant candies at the 2023 Father-Daughter Ball, she thought of jellyfish. After going through the ball’s storage, it was realized that plenty of supplies were on hand to do an “Under the Sea” theme. The 2024 ball will appear to take place in the ocean, with mermaids, jellyfish, a giant octopus, and fish hiding in seaweed, as well as a coral reef. The colors for the upcoming ball will be purple and teal sea green with accents of gold.

The ball will be held at Clearwater Grille outside of Duluth, on January 27, 2024. Doors open at 5 p.m., and upon entering, attendees will have opportunities to enter to win a prize basket as well as take photos at the photo booth with sea-related props such as mermaids, a treasure chest, jellyfish, and an octopus. Girls will receive a token to redeem at the treasure chest for a party favor.

At 5:30 p.m. Pastor Scott Nelson will give a short message and prayer before dinner is served. With tables adorned with goldfish crackers and Swedish fish, the fare for the evening offers pulled pork, mac and cheese, fresh vegetables, dip, and a roll. Cupcakes are the anticipated dessert.

Following the meal, fathers will have the opportunity to dance the night away with their daughters. Gift baskets, beach balls, hula hoops, and the limbo will add to the merriment.

Tickets are available online only from January 1st-8th at https://www.firstbaptistth.org/.  At $25 per ticket and with Christmas just around the corner, a perfect present could be tickets for a father and daughter duo in your life.

Haley Searls
Haley Searls
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