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Two Harbors Holiday Skate Brings Special Guests

On Sunday, December 10th, Santa Claus was coming to town. He is pretty busy this time of year, yet when he and his friends heard that the Two Harbors Youth Hockey Association was hosting a Holiday Skate event, they were all overjoyed to take a break from reg­ularly scheduled holiday season duties and join the community for some fun on ice. Oh-oh-oh, who wouldn’t go?

The public was invited to don we now our skate apparel and come all ye skate-full to the Sonju Are­na in Two Harbors. Two of Santa’s favorite elves were given the day off for good behavior. Elf Kiera Wilson and Elf Jesse Lundgren thought the event was top-shelf.

If I had been out there on the ice, I’m sure I would’ve fa la la la la fallen down, but maybe the Grinch would have found the heart to help me back up. Frosty the Snowman might have stopped to assist as well, if he didn’t have to hurry on his way. Thumpety thump thump, off he’d go. I was told that none of the kids who attended were on the naughty list this year. Thank you to all who volunteered and organized the event. You’re on the nice list, too!

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