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Two Harbors Girls Basketball: Maintaining a Tenacious Team Mindset

The Two Harbors High School Agates Girls basketball team is making a mark this year under the leadership of their head coach Gavin Bopp. In his first year at the helm, Coach Bopp, who brings 12 years of experience as an assistant coach for the boys’ team, shared insights into the season’s challenges and the strengths that the small and mighty team have brought to the court.

Coach Bopp finds coaching to be very reward­ing. “For me, the biggest thing is just the ex­citement I see in the kids when things go right or when they see some success.” He elaborated on an experience of witnessing small success­es during practice, emphasizing the growth that comes with overcoming initial difficulties.

The season started with formidable oppo­nents and early challenges, compounded by COVID-related issues and illnesses that left the team short of players. However, Coach Bopp highlights a recent triumph, stating, “Our last game was our best game,” referring to a December 23 hard-fought victory against Moose Lake-Willow River with a score of 54-50. Junior Rachel Bopp led the charge with an impressive 22 points, supported by Trinity Giddings, also a junior, with 11.

Rachel Bopp, Coach Bopp’s daughter and a three-sport athlete, assumes a pivotal role as the team’s leader, particularly in scoring. As a ju­nior at Two Harbors High School and the point guard, Rachel has a leadership position with the team on the court. On the December 19th game against Cherry, she scored 25 points, more than half of the 42 points the Agates scored during the game. Against McGregor on December 21st, she also scored 25 points.

When asked about the team’s strengths, Coach Bopp immediately points to the positive attitude of the girls. “I can tell that they real­ly want to improve,” he remarked. He commends their receptiveness to feedback, team-oriented mindset, and willingness to pass the ball around. “They are willing to listen and take advice. They have a team attitude where they aren’t worried about who is scoring,” he added. “It’s been good!”

Beyond the court, the Two Har­bors Girls Basketball team engag­es in community service such as volunteering for the K-3 basketball program on Saturday mornings. Ac­ademically, the girls are excelling, with no players deemed ineligi­ble—a testament to their dedication both on and off the court.

With a fairly young and small team of 13 girls, including eighth and ninth graders as occasional starters, Coach Bopp sees the current record of 2-6 as an opportunity to grow. Emphasizing the need for improvement in funda­mental skills like dribbling, passing, and scoring, the coach has witnessed a marked improvement and expects more of the same throughout the sea­son.

As the team looks forward, Coach Bopp ex­pressed optimism for the second half of the sea­son. “The girls are willing to work hard out there and want to get better,” he affirms, anticipating more wins and positive results as the season pro­gresses.

In the face of challenges and setbacks, the Two Harbors Agates Girls basketball team is forging ahead with determination, teamwork, and a commitment to continuous improvement. Coach Gavin Bopp’s leadership and the girls’ team mindset set the stage for a promising second half of the season.

Best of luck to the Two Harbors Girls basket­ball team in the new year!

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