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Two Harbors City Council Meeting, September 27, 2022

City Council Hears Concerns Over Dilapidated Waterfront Piers

At Monday night’s City Council meeting, council members heard from a local resident about concerns over crumbling piers on the city’s waterfront.

John Rashid gave an informative presentation on the condition of waterfront property owned by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. His presentation included photographs showing crumbling concrete piers with exposed rebar. Rashid said that he has seen young people congregating in the area and that given their poor state of repair, the piers pose a clear and present danger. In calling attention to this situation, Rashid has asked for the city to push the DNR to address the problem, citing the DNR’s mission statement which acknowledges the department’s responsibility to “work with Minnesotans to conserve and manage the state’s natural resources.” Rashid pointed out that in addition to the danger posed by the piers, they represent both an environmental hazard and are an eyesore for the city. Rashid’s powerpoint presentation is available on the city’s website as part of the September 26 meeting minutes.

Finance Director Miranda Pietila updated the council on work that is being done on the Preliminary Tax Levy for 2023. The committee will continue working to determine the details of the property tax levy and a Truth in Taxation Hearing is scheduled at City Hall on December 5th at 6 PM.

The Edna G Commission will be having bubblers installed around the tugboat to protect it from ice formation. Councilor Miles Woodruff gave a brief overview of past and future work that will help preserve the historic boat. Ousted Mayor Chris Swanson, by unanimous vote, was removed from positions he held on the City Charter & Planning Commissions. The Council voted unanimously to continue the practice of conducting primary elections when there are more than two candidates for any one office during regular elections and designated February 14, 2023 as the date for the next mayoral election.

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