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Lots of changes are slated for October

Since 2005, CBS 3 and KBJR 6 have been owned by the same company. We’ve gone through slogans like “for the family”, “people you can count on”, “in touch” and “Northland’s News Center”. Our new owners don’t like the fact that 3 and 6 compete against each other, so now both teams have been merged into one called “Northern News Now”. You can watch KBJR news in the morning, noon and 5:00pm, 6:00pm and 10:00pm. CBS 3 will have two newscasts at 4:00pm and 6:30pm. Some of the anchor people will stay in the same place, others are leaving the station, and some like me will be shifted elsewhere. I will now be on KBJR weekends and I hope you will check me out to check on all of these TV changes and the changes October is bound to bring our weather.

Leaves changing should be a big topic this October. Last year were shortchanged by the drought which cut the fall color season drastically. Decent rain this year has Minnesota DNR folks postulating that this year we’ll have an extended season for viewing.

Some long range forecasters think this October will be warm with normal precip. The temperature will average three degrees warmer than normal. Rain should be normal. The 1st to 5th should be rainy and cool with maybe a few flurries, too. The 6th to 15th will go sunny and mild. The 16th to 21st could be warm and showery. The 22nd to 31st could be rainy and mild.

With winter approaching, a lot of minds are thinking about what kind of winter we’ll be facing. At least one of the popular almanacs thinks it will be cold but dry. If that comes true, I hope our pipes survive!

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