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North Shore Age to Age Continues to Bring Generations Together

Submitted by Colleen Wallin,
North Shore Age to Age Coordinator

In 2017, the Northland Foundation reached out to the communities of Silver Bay, Beaver Bay, Finland and Isabella with the over-all goal in our first year to identify Intergenerational proj­ects and activities that engage youth and elders to come together to learn, grow and teach each other while creating an inclusive, healthy and safe environment for people of all ages in our communities. In 2017, we held a “Listening Ses­sion’’ with valuable assistance from the North­land Foundation, we began the process of build­ing an Age to Age Team. That team exists today and has been able to utilize funding from the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation, the Americorps Foundation as well as the newly awarded grant from the Wallace Foundation. The programs we have been able to provide include: food, farm­ing, feasting and fun in Finland. The Reading Pals Program with the 4th grade class at William Kelley Elementary, Intergenerational Movie Night, Community Sunday Socials in Finland, Masterpiece Art, as well as community outings such as The Pizza Train Outing, Laiskiainen Outing, and our Bentleyville Outing.

The Age to Age Team would like to invite the Communities of the North Shore to another Lis­tening Session on March 7th, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. in the Claire Nelson Center. We will provide pizza from Northwoods, as we listen to our Commu­nity Members as to how to utilize our new grant monies on new social and educational programs. We welcome any and all ideas to bring our gen­erations together in a fun and educational envi­ronment.

This event is free of charge and all ages are en­couraged to come!

If you are unable to attend, please call North Shore Area Partners with your thoughts and ideas at: 218-226-3635

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