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Lake County Board of Commissioners Meeting; December 14, 2022

At the Lake County Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, December 14th, County Administrator Matthew Huddleston informed the Board that there will be a presentation of the Community Health Needs Assessment on December 28th at Lakeview Hospital. The meeting is scheduled for 7:30 P.M.

This Community Health Needs Assessment is a biennial tool that helps community leaders and healthcare professionals identify, prioritize and eventually work to address targeted healthcare needs of local citizenry. Past assessments have focused on issues like mental health, youth substance abuse and food insecurity. The public is encouraged to attend the meeting on the 28th.

Huddleston also highlighted recent work by the Association of Minnesota Counties. One of the focal points for the AMC has been to address disparities that exist in how the State distributes money to support, among other things, public safety and corrections initiatives in rural counties. Counties with a larger tax base tend to be able to access more of the State’s funds. The AMC is looking for input and support from member counties to help address these disparities.

Nate Eide, Land Commissioner, informed the Board that there are some surplus funds in this year’s budget and suggested that the money be used to purchase three vehicles for the Forestry and Land Department while those funds are available. The proposal is to buy a larger ATV for use in transporting tree seedlings and for trail maintenance, a Ski Doo snow machine to replace a 2010 model with high miles, and a trail mower which will be used to mow the seed forest and maintain forest trails.

The County Highway Department is also in need of some new vehicles to replace some of their well used trucks. Due to supply chain issues, acquiring the needed vehicle has been a challenge.

Finally, a recommendation will be brought forward on December 20th regarding the appointment of a new Chief Deputy Sheriff.

The County Board will be holding their next meeting on December 27th from 2 to 4 PM.

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