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FIREWISE in Hovland April 27th

Residents in the Hovland area of Cook County will have the opportunity to prepare for the upcoming wildfire season at a meeting hosted by Coun­ty Commissioner Deb White at Hovland Town on Sat­urday, April 27, from 9:30 to 11:00.

Aaron Mollin-Kling, FIREWISE Coordinator for Cook County, will have ma­terials about protecting your home and property, particular­ly given the spruce budworm infestation that is occurring in Cook County.

There will be instructions on how to update the wildfire sprinkler information collect­ed by the county, as well as how to let the county know when you have evacuated your property to avoid sending our firefighters into harm’s way. Hovland Fire Department members will speak about the stages preceding evacuation so you know what to expect and how to prepare.

Following these presentations, Cook County Commissioner Ann Sullivan will distribute GO BAGS and suggest what to put in them in preparation for evacuation due to fire or other events.

This is the first of many meet­ings held throughout the coun­ty to prepare full-time and seasonal residents for the up­coming wildfire season. Due to a warmer and drier winter, Superior National Forest offi­cials say the fire risk is high.

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