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Cook County Local Energy Project Earth Day Fair Saturday, April 20th

Cook County Local Energy Project (CC­LEP) will hold its an­nual Earth Day Fair on April 20, 2024, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the cam­pus of ISD 166 in Grand Marais.

The event serves as a cornerstone in fostering a vibrant, family-friendly at­mosphere where community members can come together to learn, collaborate, and collectively advance climate justice and sustainability efforts in Cook County.

The Fair features educational booths hosted by local and Minnesota-based or­ganizations. Topics include renewable energy, energy effi­ciency, sustainable agriculture, waste management, and more. Attendees can engage with experts and gain valuable in­sights into environ­mental conservation practices.

The Earth Day Fair also features an Elec­tric Vehicle Meet-up from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.

A speaker series runs throughout the day, addressing critical environmental issues and offering perspec­tives from local lead­ers and experts.

Speaker Schedule

11:15-11:45 Ilena Hansel, Land Use and Water Monitoring

11:55-12:25: Sara Waddle, Food and Farming in Cook County: Exploring the Past, Present and Future of Local Food

12:35-1:05: Dr. Mi­chael Overend, What Can I do about the Climate Crisis?

1:15-1:35: Kristina Matson, Ebike Re­bates, Active Living Bike Fleet and More.

1:15-1:45: Alan An­derson, The Benefits of Electrifying Every­thing (with the IRA Bill)

1:55-2:35: Pat Col­lins, Protection & Restoration Efforts on the North Shore

In addition to the edu­cational offerings, the Cook County Earth Day Fair provides a family-friendly atmo­sphere with activities suitable for all ages.

Local food vendors, including Crosby Bakery, Shook, and Crooked Spoon, will be on-site, offering a variety of delicious lunch and snack op­tions for attendees to enjoy.

CCLEP invites you to celebrate at the Earth Day Fair and take meaningful action to­ward a more sustain­able future for Cook County and beyond.

For more information about the Cook Coun­ty Earth Day Fair, please visit https://www.cookcountylocalenergy.org/earth-day-fair.

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