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A Time to Dance Youth Ballet Wraps Up Second Session

On March 6, seven elementary-aged girls demonstrated their new ballet skills to family members at a mini-performance held in Wil­liam Kelley School’s elementary gym. Their first piece was “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music, complete with props of roses, bells, and sashes. Their second piece was from the ballet Cinderella.

A Time to Dance is a classical ballet oppor­tunity geared towards grades 1-4, and hosted through Silver Bay Community Education. A Time to Dance’s inaugural session was in the fall of 2022, and session two began in Jan­uary of this year. Each session ends with a performance featuring two different styles of music – a show tune and a classical piece – so students can demonstrate their ballet skills in ways that capitalize on each student’s individ­ual strengths. The mini-performance also gives students a chance to share what they’ve learned with friends and family.

Local teen Hanna Searls teaches the classes. She has a passion for classical ballet and de­sires to make it accessible, knowing well the reality of wanting to dance in a small town with few dance opportunities. Searls regularly takes lessons from former professional dancers at Salt and Light Dance Studio in Duluth and Sterling Dance in Two Harbors. She then gives back to the community via A Time to Dance and her Two Harbors ballet studio, Wings of Eagles.

Student Mercia Goutermont said, “I get to have fun and see my cousin. It’s fun to learn!” Another student said, “Ballet is fun, like really, really fun! And you get to meet other people. And it’s like a sport – a really fun sport!”

Felicity Peperkorn said, “I liked the props.” Her sister, Alice, added, “I liked dancing to ‘These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.’”

Bryndle Goutermont, who participated in both sessions of A Time to Dance, said, “I en­joyed the shows that we did and being with all the other kids.”

Hanna Searls would like to express a spe­cial thank you to Zup’s Dollars, Flowers, & Gifts for the roses used in the performance, Angie Goutermont for all she does in orches­trating the details, and the custodians for the extra time they dedicate.

Keep an eye out for A Time to Dance’s sum­mer sessions, as well as other Community Education programs in the upcoming edition of the Ripple (Lake Superior School District) and online https://www.isd381.k12.mn.us/community-ed/ or https://www.facebook. com/LSSDCE. In Cook County go to https:// www.cookcountyschools.org/page/commu­nity-education or https://www.facebook. com/people/Cook-County-Isd166-Commu­nity-Education/100064392381066/! And if you have a hobby or talent you’d like to share, contact your local Community Educa­tion department about teaching a class.

Haley Searls
Haley Searls
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