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$4,000 Scholarship Offered to all Lake and Cook County Students

Alumnus of Concordia Col­lege, Moorhead, MN, Gary Zinter is offering $4,000 schol­arships ($1,000/year) to all students from Lake and Cook counties who are enrolled full-time at Concordia College. Many people are unaware that they can attend a private, four-year college for a similar or lower cost than attending a four-year state college.

Concordia Promises:

  • Full tuition is covered (free) for families with an adjusted gross income un­der $90,000.
  • Incoming freshmen at Concordia College have the advantage of Concor­dia’s four-year graduation guarantee.

Gary would like as many stu­dents as possible to attend Concordia College and expe­rience the sense of communi­ty and living on campus at a small college. He is the first in the Pederson-Zinter family to earn a four-year college de­gree, and his daughter, Court­ney, is the 21st to graduate from Concordia. Forty-nine students from William M. Kelley High School have attended Concor­dia College. Thirty-six of these were while he taught science and math at Wm. Kelley. Two Silver Bay students and one Cook County student are cur­rently attending Concordia.

Both Gary and his wife, Betty, started their careers as teach­ers. Gary spent 18 years teach­ing science and math in Silver Bay. Betty spent two years teaching science and math in Lakefield, MN, and later sub­stitute taught and volunteered at Wm. Kelley. They met 50 years ago when they each brought students to a fall sci­ence symposium in St. Paul.

After their daughter grad­uated from Wm. Kelley in 1998, Gary and Betty started the Zinter Science and Math Scholarships awarded to the top biology, chemistry, phys­ics, and senior math students at all three high schools in Lake and Cook Counties. Three years ago, they added a fifth scholarship, the Civic Award. All staff have a chance to nom­inate one senior for the award.

Gary and Betty feel education is important and the oppor­tunities it has offered them. For this, they are thankful and blessed to be able to give back.


Concordia is a private, co-ed, four-year liberal arts college with more than 1,800 students from 35 states and 62 coun­tries.

  • 12:1 student/faculty ratio
  • 1 in 3 students participate in music
  • 1 in 4 students participate in athletics
  • 100+ students involved in theater
  • #1 – business is currently Concordia’s most popular major
  • 90+ student organizations
  • 120+ areas of study, in­cluding 12 preprofessional programs
  • 50% higher four-year graduation rate than state schools

Concordia Bragging Rights:

  • #1 Nursing program in MN (second year running) (RegisteredNursing.org 2023, 2024)
  • 92% Nursing (NCLEX) pass rate
  • 94% Law School accep­tance rate
  • 100% Nutrition/Dietics first time pass rate
  • 98% Teaching (MN) first time pass rate
  • 100% Optometry School acceptance rate
  • 100% Veterinary School acceptance rate
  • 81% Dental School accep­tance rate

Concordia’s Promise Program:

If a family’s adjusted gross income is less than $90,000, a student’s tuition could be as low as $9,970/year (free tuition, plus housing, meals, and misc. fees, less scholarships). If it’s over $90,000, a student’s tuition could be as low as $23,170/ year. Additional information about the Concordia Promise Program can be found at concordiacollege.edu/promise.

Gary Zinter would be more than happy to speak with any high school student about the opportunities and benefits Concordia College has to offer. He can be reached at 218-226- 3442.

Find out more about Concordia College at concordiacollege.edu.

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