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218 Days Author Talks at Larsmont Cottages

Saturday, February 17, 2024, Fo­rensic Psychologist, Frank F. Weber will be at Larsmont Cottages, on the shore of Lake Superior, speaking from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. on the writing of True Crime and his forensic work. There will be a question and answer period from 6:30 to 7:00. The event is “218 Days Author Talks at Lar­smont Cottages.” Frank will share some of the amazing true stories of victim survival and investigative techniques involved in the resolution of these true crime thrillers. Frank will give a live demonstration of a lie detector test (volunteer a friend).

He will share some of the details they get wrong on TV, and humor re­lated to odd correction cases. Frank will be at Larsmont Cottages both before and after the event answering questions about his work, signing and selling his books and discussing the latest forensic tools. Larsmont Cot­tages is located at 596 Larsmont Way, Two Harbors, Minnesota, 55616.

Frank F. Weber is a forensic psy­chologist specializing in homicide, sexual assault and domestic abuse cases. He uses his unique under­standing of how predators think, knowledge of victim trauma and expert testimony in writing his true crime thrillers. He has profiled cold case homicides and narrated an investigative show on Oxygen.

His Award Winning books include “Murder Book” (2017) “The I-94 Murders” (2018) “Last Call” (2019) “Lying Close” (2020) “Burning Bridges” (2021), “Black and Blue” (2022), “The Haunted House of Hill­man” (2023) and Scandal of Vandals (2024).

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