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Clover Valley Farm Trail: Boreal Bounty Farm

After working in microbiology in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Georgia; Pat and Steve Berg­er are “grateful and happy to be back in sce­nic Minnesota.” Pat Berger grew up on the North Shore, where she helped her father in his garden, and assisted her mother and sib­lings in processing the harvest. Steve Berger is now retired from his “off-the-farm” job, and is exploring what other farm products he can add to Boreal Bounty now that he has the time. Hard cider and chickens are two con­siderations.

The Bergers developed the farm together, breaking ground on three 60 X 50 foot gar­dens and erecting two 50-foot hoop houses. They have also renovated the existing barn, which now houses goats Hazel and Tina and barn cats Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. The Berger’s Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix Kyra barks a friendly welcome to visitors.

“Our plan was to provide fresh, quality, or­ganically grown produce and products for our family and local community,” Pat and Steve explain when asked why they began Bore­al Bounty Farm. “To achieve this goal, we carefully chose plant varieties that are early to market to provide customers a wider vari­ety of vegetables early in our short Northern growing season.”

Boreal Bounty Farm focuses on offering only high-quality vegetables through “just-in-time” harvesting, and quickly cooling and safely washing products after harvest. They employ organic farming methods, though they haven’t gone through the process of of­ficial certification.

Pat and Steve brainstormed many differ­ent names before settling on Boreal Bounty Farm. “We live in and around the boreal for­est, and [we] talked of the wonderful bounty our land could produce, and voila! We had a farm name!”

During the 2023 season, Boreal Boun­ty Farm plans to offer, among other things, beets, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cel­ery, cucumbers, garlic, green beans, herbs, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, lettuces, onions, pep­pers, potatoes, pumpkins, radishes, rhubarb, snap peas, spinach, tomatoes, and winter and summer squash. Besides fresh produce, Bo­real Bounty Farm also has home canned prod­ucts, ranging from jams and jellies to herbed salts, spices, cucumber relish, and tomato sal­sa. This fall, the farm will have apples, apple butter, and apple cider. Pat creates and markets various chocolates and caramels during the holiday season.

Boreal Bounty Farm can be found on Sat­urday mornings at the Two Harbors Farmers’ Market, and also through the Two Harbors REKO Ring, members of the of the North Shore Farmers’ Collaborative, Studio 20/20 Art Tour weekend, and at their Clover Valley Farm Trail stand located on their property at 7221 Laine Road in Two Harbors.

For more in­formation about ordering contact Pat and Steve Berger at borealbountyfarm@gmail.com.

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Haley Searls
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