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June just might be Plain Old Normal for a change

By Northern News Now meteorologist Dave Anderson

42 years later, I still wake up in a sweat ev­ery now and then because I dreamed I wasn’t ready for a chemistry exam at VCC. Then I realized I’m now the guy who gives science exams. My LSC Center for Advanced Avi­ation students just took their meteorology fi­nals. Now, let’s give nature its midterm for 2024 so far.

Precipitation has come back so well that we are now running a rain surplus rather than a drought. Temperature trends have varied from normal in the following amounts: January plus 5.9 degrees, February plus 11.9 degrees, March plus 3.4 degrees, April plus 2.1 degrees and May around plus 1.3 degrees. That averages to 2024 being 4.9 degrees warmer than nor­mal. That is not within the bounds of normal cli­mate variability. The prima facie culprit is El Nino, but more advanced meteorologists than me are working to see if anthropogenic glob­al warming has a hand in that.

The La Nina effect is taking over and that has a hand in dropping the level of “warmer than normalness” a few degrees every month for the last few months. There is a good chance then, that June will come up dead nor­mal for both temperature and precipitation.

June 1 to 10 could be rainy and stormy while warming up, the 11th to 19th will have a cool and showery period, the 20th to 26th looks warm and rainy, and the 27th to 30th should be sunny and cool. The rest of the summer forecast hints at a hot and dry July that will be followed by a cool and wet August.

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