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Letter to the Editor

Before the pandemic, there was a community swimming program at the local motels here in Two Harbors, which friends and I were part of for years to help maintain our health and well-being. During and since the pandemic, these programs were discontinued. Not sure why they have not been resumed, but they are terribly missed and very important to elderly and special needs individuals. Swimming is the best exercise for all, but especially for these individuals. It is unrealistic to expect these folks to travel to Duluth to swim, especially at this time of year and with the price of gas. The school is not an option because of the lack of flexibility, colder water and no hot tub! This letter is a plea to Country Inn and Americinn to reconsider their decision not to continue this program that so benefit the elderly and special needs as the community has always supported them, especially when they first came to town. My own health has declined (Dr. verified) because of being unable to swim as I had for years! Maybe there is another motel that would be willing to start a program and support these populations to stay active and healthy. If interested in pursuing the resolving of this problem, you can contact me at lndwood@frontiernet.net (the beginning letter is a small L).

Thank you so much!
Dolly Wood
Two Harbors, MN

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