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Letter to the Editor

Re: Multi-Modal Trailhead Center

I know I’m about to become very unpopu­lar with those who believe this is a good idea, but I would strongly disagree with anyone who says the construction of this will be for the betterment of the town. My husband and I moved up here just four short years ago be­cause we were sick and tired of the ‘building/ construction’ happening where we used to live – White Bear Township. When we first moved there, almost thirty years prior, it was half town/half rural, which is precisely the reason we moved there (after having lived two blocks north of Hamm’s Brewery for eight years)… so we knew development well. But after the twenty-five years of living in White Bear, the once small street we used to cross without much thought – became a traffic nightmare, farms that were once five miles down the road were now twenty minutes away, gone forev­er was the quiet rural setting. I hear it’s even worse since we’ve left…

And this is what the planners want for Silver Bay? Guess they’ve never experienced how horrible it can be to make your city a busy one, especially for tourists and the way things change to accommodate them and only them. Look at what’s happened to Grand Marais… Ben Franklin’s used to be a lovely store, now 1/4th of it is geared toward tourists… it’s not the same store. And one of their grocery stores specifically packages things for the tourists.

I assumed, falsely apparently, four years ago that we were going to be able to enjoy Black Beach, Northwood’s Grille and all the won­ders Silver Bay has during the summer, but since the insanity hit, residents can no longer enjoy these things until the tourists (or shall I say parasites) go home. And that’s WITHOUT this multi-modal disaster coming to town. I’ve heard from others that the ones creating this parasitical Frankenstein monster refuse to listen to what the residents have to say and then having the audacity to call their concerns complaints… Perhaps they wouldn’t be com­plaints if the people were being listened to and not summarily dismissed.

Citing improvement to the city is the key point to this, but I ask you, what about the streets? How about decent paying jobs? More places to eat? Our school children nor the parents that have to contend with enough to concern them, worried the streets will be over­flowing with rude motorists? I’ve seen drivers blow through that blinking yellow sign cross­ing on Outer now… but can you imagine when the town is filled to the brim with tourists? You believe they’re going to all be respectful and decent? Do you really think Zup’s is go­ing to be able to accommodate the influx of people wanting groceries? Really? The mall’s small parking lot accommodating the influx of people wanting to eat at Northwood’s? Shop at Julie’s or Dollars and Flowers?

The logistics nightmare that will encompass this pleasant city will be one for the books and from my point of view it doesn’t seem as if ‘those in the know’ have given enough thought to any of this besides making the al­mighty dollar.

Is a town… our town… worth that sacrifice? I don’t think so. Most of the people of this town don’t think so…

But to those of you that do, I tell you what… get jobs at the place cleaning up after them. catering to them… or making sure that this doesn’t lead to more nefarious elements mov­ing into town that ‘those in the know’ never expected would follow- for their financial blinders being too tightly wedged upon their heads.

Take my word for it… having lived through it TWICE.. this town will change and the change won’t be anything to write home about.

Bobbi Johnson
Silver Bay

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