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Letter to the Editor

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

To the Editor:

As a Two Harbors resident of South Avenue, I’m very concerned about the removal of old-growth trees from our residential neighborhoods as plans are implemented to improve roads and sidewalks, I was pleased to see the comprehensive, thoughtful, and well-reasoned letter initially sent to city officials by Mark S. Cullen and subsequently published by your paper. I want to thank the Northshore Journal for publishing this critically important letter and Mr. Cullen for taking the time to write it. It was reassuring to see that others are equally frustrated and upset by the virtual disappearance of boulevard trees when sidewalks and roads are repaired.

Clearly, many of the sidewalks and roads of the City of Two Harbors are in need of repair or improvement; however, the complete elimination of existing trees on blocks under renovation is unwarranted. And to date, residents have not had a proper forum in which to make their sentiments about tree preservation known to the City of Two Harbors in sufficient time to have any effect upon these actions.

As everyone who lives in and cares about this town knows, it is a unique gem, where tourism thrives because one can still witness some of the more picaresque aspects of what remains of the historic iron ore industry on Lake Superior as the ore boats load at the docks amidst Lighthouse Point, with the historic train depot in sight. One of the hallmarks of this old town, besides some well-preserved architecture, is the tree canopy that graces its streets. These trees provide more than shade on a sunny day and habitat for birds and animals, they also help to define the character of the town and make it inviting to tourists and residents alike. Taking them down, unless it is absolutely necessary, is simply not acceptable.

I hope that Two Harbors’ elected officials and city employees realize that Mr. Cullen’s letter speaks for many of the city’s residents and that changes to the current approach are urgently needed before a critical and irreplaceable component of the town’s appeal is irrevocably destroyed.


Beth Kosiak

Two Harbors, MN

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