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Letter to the Editor

Recently, I attended our local annual rural electric cooperative meeting. The purpose of the annual meeting is to gather together all of the member owners of the co-op to share important information about the status quo of our rural utility company. It is an open meet­ing with member owners encouraged to use the microphone and voice their concerns. What could have been an energizing, uplift­ing meeting, especially in light of the recent inflation reduction act provisions and finan­cial support for transitioning to clean energy, unfortunately turned out to be quite a dis­appointment. Many of the voices that were loudest in the room were in opposition to the necessary changes we need our rural coop­eratives to make to move away from costly and dirty, fossil fuel-based energy sources to clean affordable energy. Clean energy sourc­es are wind, solar, and hydro power with bat­tery storage to back up for the times when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blow­ing. I certainly wish that more voices had addressed the misinformation from the loud voices in the room.

We feel very fortunate to live in a state that has been successful in passing the 100% Clean Electricity by 2040 law. This law will move us off of our current dependence on dirty fossil fuels to clean energy by the year 2040. Using clean energy reduces pollution, creates jobs, improves health and is a cheaper source of energy than relying on fossil fuels.


I want to thank our State Senator Grant Hauschild for his critical vote in passing the 100% by 2040 Clean Energy Bill. Sen. Grant Hauschild is genuinely looking out for our best interests here in District 3. I am grateful to have a man of his integrity and sincerity representing our district in the State legislature and doing what’s best for us. This historic bill would never have passed with­out Senator Hauschild. Thank you Senator Hauschild for all that you do so well. You have just delivered!

Lucy Grina
Two Harbors, MN

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