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Letter from the office of Rep. Natalie Zeleznikar, House 3B

Dear Friends,  

It is hard to believe I have wrapped up two months as your House of Representative. I am told this session is unique with one party rule of the House, Senate, and Governor. For me, it is all I know so I just dig in and get to work. Working long hours is not new to me, and I know I will never get bored because the days and evenings are packed with meetings, floor sessions, visi­tors from district 3B, committees, and evening receptions.

There are many bills moving fast and heading to a floor vote at the House of Representatives. On Feb 19th, 50+ citizens joined me in Two Har­bors from 3:30-5:00 p.m.

The Cannabis/Pot/Marijuana Bill, HF 100- two different perspectives and here are vary­ing viewpoints. Some believe it is already legal with edibles, and we should join other states to legalize it. Some feel it would be less expen­sive legalized than through a medical neces­sity route. Others believe that since levels of THC can’t be detected for police to measure intoxication level that many issues will result and safety is at risk.

Since the Majority party has the votes, there is no doubt in my mind this bill will pass with or without my vote. I am listening to both sides before I make my final decision.

The Paid Family and Medical Act (FMLA) Bill, HF 2- two different perspectives and here are the varying viewpoints. Many do not un­derstand why we would embark on a new pol­icy that exceeds the Federal Family and Med­ical Leave Act at a time when employers face a workforce shortage, and many businesses have yet to recover from forced Covid shut­downs. Some believe this will hurt insurance companies who already offer these benefits to employees at this time. Others feel that every employer who has 1 employee, with part time, seasonal and full time should offer benefits at 90 days to include exceeding the federal gov­ernment of 12 weeks (unpaid, unless you use your vacation and sick time) to 12 weeks for medical and 12 weeks of personal for every employee annually.

Since businesses were shut down due to a pan­demic, I feel this is horrible timing for a bill like this. I do not support exceeding the Federal FMLA and will vote no as this bill is written to prevent our main street businesses from poten­tial closure.

The 2nd Amendment related bills are HF14, HF15, HF396, HF 601, and SF 1723. Many Sheriff’s have signed letters in disagreement to all of these bills or to one of the bills. I person­ally do not support any of these bills, as from my perspective they are focused on law abid­ing citizens, vs. criminals. Currently, MN has many laws that are not being enforced. In addi­tion, my perspective is intensive mental health treatment is necessary and true enforcement of criminals who violate the law, with existing laws for sentencing guidelines followed.

My perspective is the proposed bills will do nothing to stop the acts of criminals but rather infringe on law abiding citizens, therefore, I will oppose these bills as written.

The next Town Hall will be on March 19th 3:30-5:00 in Two Harbors, at Two Harbors High School Auditorium and Senator Grant Hauschild will join me. The topics will be Ed­ucation, Healthcare and time for questions or other items.

Two Harbors is slated to receive $401,408 more than they currently receive, if the bill which changes local government aid changes. The GOP, Minority party, did a press conference stating the importance of eliminating social se­curity tax once and for all, reducing lower tier taxes by 1%, reducing property taxes, allowing child tax credits, and returning to the science of reading, with phonics since 50% of MN public school kids in MN cannot read at grade level comprehension. The proposal is to fund the sci­ence of reading and phonics for all school dis­tricts.

My recent highlights have been touring one of Two Harbor’s very own Louisiana Pacific, attending the evening walk with lighted ice lu­minaries at Gooseberry Falls, and the pancake breakfast by The Lions during Winter Frolic.

Please contact me at Rep.Natalie.Zeleznikar@house.mn, and follow me on my Facebook Page and Twit­ter.

Let your light shine,
Rep. Natalie Zeleznikar, 3B

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