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  1. Attendance: Colby Abazs, Paul Hartshorn, Karl Klinker, Doug Perfetto, Danielle Hefferan, David Abazs, Russ Vance, Vaughn Hoff, Honor Schauland, Matt Huddleston, Claudia McColleg, Randy Josephson, Dan Cahill Mathews, Dennis Nelson, Nexus Trueself, Patti Paulson, Lori Walewski, Elizabeth Storm, Nancy Anselment, Joan Cinderman, Dan Zageh, AA Dexette, Jenea Cinderman, Lise Abazs, Christine McCarthy, Greg Hanson, Cindy Hanson, Andrew Deyette, Teresa Anderson, Dan Bigelow, Erik Helgeson(Zoom), Audra Leisdon(Zoom).
  2. Paul called the Regular Meeting of the Crystal Bay Town Board to order at 6:59 pm with the Pledge of allegiance.
    1. MOTION: To approve the Regular October Meeting Minutes as amended. Motioned by Russ, Seconded by Karl, Passed by unanimous consent.
    1. MOTION: To approve the Treasurer’s Report. Motioned by Karl, Seconded by Russ, Passed by unanimous consent.MOTION: To approve paying all bills and claims due. Motioned by Russ, Seconded by Karl, Passed by unanimous consent.
    1. The board reviewed correspondence received by the Town.
  3. Reports
    1. Clerks Odds and Ends: Colby
      1. MAT asks for stories of how annexation laws have affected the township.
      1. Crystal Bay host Regional MAT Meeting? a) Crystal Bay will host the May 3rd Regional MAT meeting.
      1. Silver Bay Hockey Sponsor a) MOTION: to Sponsor the Silver Bay Hockey with $500. Motioned by Karl, Seconded by Russ, Passed by unanimous consent.
      1. Accept Lake County ACH instead of Check a) MOTION: to authorize the clerk to set up automatic ACH payments from Lake County by their request. Motioned by Paul, Seconded by Karl, Passed by unanimous consent
    1. Road and Bridge: Doug
      1. Doug will work with Colby to get an ad in the Northshore Journal regarding parking of obstacles in Town road right of ways.
      1. MOTION: to raise the credit limit on the Town credit card to $8000. Motioned by Russ, Seconded by Karl, Passed by unanimous consent.
      1. Salveson Road is getting washed away by the river.
      1. Roads are pretty cleaned up for today but we will see how much snow we get overnight.
    1. Community Center: Honor
      1. Township records room still needs addressing. Timber frame shed is all finished. Thanks for getting the load of chips from the cemetery tree work to the Community Center, they have been put to use. Training on collaborative leadership Dec 1-4th so contact Honor if interested.
    1. Cemetery: Vaughn
    1. Housing Project: Erik
  4. Old Business
    1. Composting Facility: Christine
      1. Lake County Solid Waste Environmental Services Director Christine provided information about the grant Lake County has for the Composting and Recycling Facility. The currently used landfill will be full in 2026 and then trash will need to be transported much farther and this will lead to greatly increased costs. This composting and recycling facility will help reduce how much trash needs to be paid to be hauled far for a dump. Part of why this grant was approved was because it is local based. Christine shared that Lake County is primarily the fiscal agent for the project and took this project on with support from Crystal Bay Township, Friends of Finland among others and asked what the concerns are that have changed Crystal Bay’s Support for moving the project forward. Location was raised as a concern and the location is not yet finalized. Who hires and pays the workers to launch and run the project was raised as a concern with Crystal Bay being the primary entity but the facility serving more than Crystal Bay Township. The process of how this project came to be and who decided to ask the Crystal Bay Township to facilitate contracting a Ei Roska Facility Researcher was raised. For this project the County needs to see local ownership for the project to move forward.
        1. What community input was gathered before this project was pursued? Friends of Finland hosted the Lake County Recycling Trailers for a while and it got heavy use filling up quickly but then also got abused getting overfilled and trash mixed in. Friends of Finland engages in regular community events to gather ideas, priorities, needs for the community. There was also a community potluck advertised as a place to discuss the ideas gathered and prioritize and provide input. Recycling was the project that got the most support.
        1. Where will the Facility be located? There are several potential locations including Township, Lake County, Tax Forfeited land.
      1. MOTION: Crystal Bay Township will not hire an employee for the El Roska Project but is in support of the project pending the determination of a location and the final facility not being managed by the Town. Motioned by Russ, Seconded by Paul, Passed by voice vote.
  5. New Business
    1. Lake County Short Term Vacation Rental(STVR): Matt
      1. Matt shared data regarding STVR throughout Lake County. Matt welcomes input from the Town and residents over the next couple weeks.
      1. Erik presented the research he has done regarding STVR as part of the Housing Project and some of the options that might be of interest to the town regarding how one might regulate STVR.
    1.  Certification of Election
      1. Paul called to order a meeting as Board of Canvass at 8:48 pm.
      1. Colby issued oath to Board of Canvass Members and presented the canvass reports and abstracts to board.
      1. MOTION: The Board reviewed the reports and moves to certify the vote results as presented. Motioned by Russ, Seconded by Paul, Passed by unanimous consent.
      1. The clerk is authorized to issue a notification to candidates and request their signed campaign financial forms within the time period.
      1. The board adjourns as the Board of Canvass at 8:52 pm.
    1. East Lake Clinic Meeting Update: Paul
  6. MOTION: to adjourn the meeting at 8:56 pm until December 20, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at the Finland Community Center. Motioned by Paul, Seconded by Karl.
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