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 Attendance: Colby Abazs, Honor Schauland, Paul Hartshorn, Doug Perfetto, Mike Nikula, Amy Nikula, Terri Perfetto, Dave Geist, Danielle Heffer­an, Anna Lasky, Lise Abazs, Vaughn Hoff, David Strand, Xeromy Strand, Nancy Anselment.

2. Paul called the Regular Meeting of the Crystal Bay Town Board to order at 7:00 pm with the Pledge of allegiance.

1. MOTION: To approve the Agenda. Motioned by Paul, Seconded by Mike, Passed by unanimous con­sent.

2. MOTION: To approve the Regular May Meeting Minutes. Motioned by Paul, Seconded by Mike , Passed by unanimous consent.

3. MOTION: To approve the Trea­surer’s Report. Motioned by Paul, Seconded by Mike, Passed by unanimous consent.

4. MOTION: To approve paying all bills and claims due. Motioned by Paul, Seconded by Mike, Passed by unanimous consent.

5. The board reviewed correspon­dence received by the Town.

3. Reports (5 minutes each)

1. Clerks Odds and Ends: Colby

1. Training in and transitioning the Clerk role has been busy but going well. Colby asks folks to give Stacy some grace over these first few months as the training has been very con­densed relative to the training Colby received. At this point all the regular Clerk work has been gone over together at least once but it can take a few times for all the many technical details to sink in. Colby will be having one last meeting with Stacy af­ter this board meeting to make the final handoff of materials and will continue to be available to Stacy for questions as they arise.

2. Road and Bridge: Doug

1. Road Tour Report

1. Dave Geist participated in the Road Tour Meeting and had some thoughts and questions: The town road tour was very informative. I think it would be very helpful for the board if Pudgie could put together estimates of the costs associated with the priorities for labor and materials. These estimates would make it easier for the board to work with Pudgie on putting together a real­istic road and bridge budget and determine which repairs fit into that budget this year.

2. There was a community conversation about the benefits in prioritizing and budgeting of the road work so that when complaints are received there is a written plan of when that particular road will get attention.

3. Q: It was quite surprising to me and others on the road tour to find out that the township supplies culverts for residents installing new driveways. The rationale for this seems to be that the size of the culvert won’t be skimped on. It only seems to make sense that if some­one wants to put in a new driveway that they should shoulder the expense of purchasing as well as install­ing a culvert. If an entrance access permit system needs to be developed as Lake county uses to insure all accesses are engineered and installed properly, then I think the township should pursue such a system.

4. A: The Town currently has a Driveway Permit system and requires a $100 fee to help cover the Town’s cul­vert installation costs.

2. Doug is planning on cutting hours down to 20 hours/week since he is old and would like to work less. Sometimes weather related realities like the hopeful rain coming which will finally make grading the roads possi­ble and will mean more hours to take advantage of the situation.

3. The plow truck rear wing brack­et is bent and possibly the frame so looking into that and it should be covered by insur­ance.

4. Doug has submitted a workers comp report and Stacy will be looking into the correct process for that since we are an exempt entity and do not use the state system but do have coverage as part of our consolidated in­surance for workers comp.

3. Community Center: Honor

1. Summer events have been go­ing great and lots of vendors at the farmers market. The dugouts should be able to be replaced for under $700 since labor will be volunteer/donated.

4. Cemetery: Vaughn

1. Mostly grass mowing and it is looking like more trees will need to be removed due to the spruce budworm. It was decid­ed to just stick with the current flag pole.

5. Housing Project: Erik

1. Planning a community conver­sation event this summer fol­lowed by the forming of a Steer­ing Committee to start working through the details. Are also hoping the town voter survey moves ahead soon so that data can be added to the upcoming conversations.

4. Old Business

1. Grader Major Repair Payment

1. Doug is very satisfied with the work done on the grader and it works much better now.

2. MOTION to pay the Ziegler bill for the major grader repair through a loan with the bank. Motioned by Paul, Seconded by Mike, Passed by unanimous consent.

3. Will check on if we should pay sales tax.

2. Community Center Septic: Honor

1. Events have been proceeding as usual as long as the septic doesn’t get overfull which has not been a problem with regular pumping. The thinking is that given that the tanks are keeping up with usage easily then we probably don’t need as many port-a-potties.

5. New Business

1. Forestry and DNR Roads River Projects: Dean

1. Functional culverts are very important for fish to be able to navigate the rivers and streams but also for human activities like emergency services being able to access all areas even after major flood events which have been becoming much more common. All projects are fund­ed by grants and other secured funds. Partly because of the money sources which are often federal, the process is slow.

2. Cooper road is in the plans for next year. Town support is es­sential to get affected residents on board and an understand­ing of the value of the culvert replacements when done right and how that makes the disrup­tion of the construction worth­while.

3. Thanks to Dean and all the folks that have helped the Town get some good new culverts on Hockman and Breezy Lane,

4. Salverson road is a major slump that will be a big project and will need a lot of partners to figure out the problem and the appro­priate fix. One potential option is to build a bank shelf to keep the shape of the river but allow the high water years to continue to shape. Sometimes the best op­tion is to let the river do what it naturally wants to but that would have a direct dramatic impact on the landowner. This would be a big project that would need partners and likely cost $250-500k. The place to start this effort would be to work with Lake County SWCD and other partners to find funding for the project.

5. Cooper Road Project: Lind­strom creek. Construction is likely to start in July although landowner access for the dead-end road is still being worked on. A 1 lane bypass road would be a good but expensive option. Another option would be to build an access road to the nearby ATV trail and bridge(for ATV not personal road vehicle use), this option would be much cheaper and quicker. KTM paving is the contractor selected for this proj­ect. The hope is this project will be more similar to Breezy lane but not have the same amount of delays that Hefflefinger had. Getting a consultant to pull together a study of what the scope of the project will be. Getting the plan to DNR for preliminary review is important to make sure the final design approval process is quick and efficient.

2. Clerk Office Hours:

1. MOTION: The Town Clerk in­tends to have regular office hours at the Finland Commu­nity Center. Such hours will be posted and published as need­ed and starting June will be Tuesdays 10am-2pm. Motioned by Paul, Seconded by Mike, Passed by unanimous consent.

3. Recognize Junteenth: Colby

1. MOTION: Minn. Stat. § 645.44 subd. 5 added “Juneteenth, June 19.” as a recognized Hol­iday. The town board of Crystal Bay Township, Lake County, Minnesota determines and hereby designates Juneteenth as an official Holiday when no public business may be transacted. Motioned by Paul, Seconded by Mike, Passed by unanimous consent.

4. Airport Feasibility Study: Paul

1. They are still studying and have spent $50k so far mostly from an IRRRB grant.

5. Driveway Permit Application: Colby

1. MOTION: to approve the Da­vid Strand driveway permit application for a new driveway to be built on Mattson Road. Motioned by Mike, Seconded by Paul, Passed by unanimous consent.

6. Spending Policy Review: Colby

1. MOTION: to adopt Resolution #20230620 establishing a Pol­icy for Crystal Bay Township Spending. Motioned by Paul, Seconded by Mike, Passed by unanimous consent.

6. MOTION: to adjourn the meeting at 8:28 pm until July 18, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. at the Finland Community Center. Mo­tioned by Paul, Seconded by Mike.

Road Tour Notes

June 2nd, 2023 8:00am-12:00pm

Met at the town garage: Mike, Doug, Colby, Stacy, Mike drove. Dave Geist, and Gary Olson also followed.

Tiffanie Lane

Work Suggested by Doug: Needs Class 5, Turnaround needs some repair.

Klinker Road

Work Suggested by Doug: Needs Class 5, 1 Cross Pipe to replace (15inches). Ditches and back slope cleaned.

Was Commented as a Priority: Turn around needs repaired because it creates an issue for the last resident on the road in the Spring especially.

(Comment was made re: the huge slop at the end of the road, is that creating the sunken turn around issue?)

Doug mentioned swing away mailboxes, Colby mentioned maybe USPS would supply them?

Ostman Road

Work Suggested by Doug: Needs Class 5, turn-around repaired.

Group noted there is really no turn around as 1 resident lives on the road, the road feels more like a private drive.

Cooper Road

Work Suggested by Doug: Brushing at entrance of road, class 5 on whole road, 1 driveway pipe replaced, swing away mailboxes.

Ditches and backslope cleaned, turn­around repaired.

Mattson Road

Work Suggested by Doug: Class 5 on whole road, 1 cross pipe replaced, Big Pipe to be replaced on trout stream by contractor.

Ditching and backslope needs to be done, possibly widened. Fiber cable in ditch needs to be removed,

(Noted: the cable seems to look better this spring and isn’t sticking out anywhere.)

Turn around repaired

Stenberg Rd

Work Suggested by Doug: Turnaround repair.

Laurel Lane

Work Suggested by Doug: Needs driveway pipes, some class 5 and turn around repaired.

Timberline Trail

Work Suggested by Doug: Needs Class 5, Ditching and right of way cleared, 1 cross pipe installed and turn around repaired.

Park Hill Road

Work Suggested by Doug: Needs Class 5, Ditching and right of way cleared. From the 1st turn around to the end needs gravel at least 1 ½ miles.

Two pipes to be installed. The second section of Park Hill Road needs tree removal and turnaround repair. Group Noted: Cleanup of second section should happen before full-time resident decides to live on properties.

Nikolai Road

Work Suggested by Doug: Class 5 ditching and right of way cleared, 1 cross pipe replaced at the end of road before turnaround needs to be raised up 1.5 feet.

Turnaround also and 2 overflow pipes Installed.

Doug advises property owners to put a bigger pipe in their road.

Roses Road

Work Suggested by Doug: Needs class 5 on all of Road, ditching and cross pipe replaced turn around repaired.

Notes: Group discussed the possibility of abandoning the road.

Leskinen Road

Work Suggested by Doug: Needs class 5 and ditching as well as right of way cleared. Two cross pipes replaced; turnaround repaired.

Pebbles Lane

Work Suggested by Doug:Needs Class 5 on Gary Morris’ end and right of way cleared on Dale Nikula’s end.

Air Base Road

Work Suggested by Doug: Needs guard rails repaired or replaced (by contractor), 3 cross pipes repaired or replaced (by contractor).

Right of way cleared of large trees and brush. Turn around made bigger, Air Base Road Sign is missing.

– Note for Clerk to find the Air Base Reso­lution Copy for (DNR)? Unclear why

Silver Hill Road

Work Suggested by Doug: Needs class 5 ditching and right of way cleared of trees and brush. Cross pipes replaced in 2 places (by contractor, trout stream)

1 cross pipe installed (by town, Ken Nelson’s end)

Notes/Comments: (Jeff Tikkanen’s end) we stopped and spoke with Jeff and he would like to see the road abandoned from his

property on. Jeff mentioned he would put in a turnaround before his driveway.

Salveson Road

Work Suggested by Doug: Class 5, Ditching and right of way cleared of trees and brush, End of road wash out (falling into the river)

Call into DNR- Joining us @ June 20th Meeting to discuss issue.

Riverside Drive

Work Suggested by Doug: Needs class 5, ditching and right of way cleared, Mailboxes put on swing away posts, turn around made bigger.

Breezy Lane

Work Suggested by Doug: Class 5, ditching and right of way cleared, turn around made bigger.

Heffelfinger Road

Work Suggested by Doug: Needs class 5 on all of road, 1 cross pipe replaced, 1 or 2 Driveway pipes installed, ditching and right of way cleared; turnaround repaired and no parking signs.

Clair Nelson Center Parking Lot:

Needs Class 5

Gregg Field Parking Lot:

Needs Class 5

Doug’s Suggested Priorities on Roads:

Klinker Road: Cross Pipe and Driveway Pipes

Laurel Lane: Driveway Pipe

Hellelfinger Road: Cross pipe

Nikolai Road: Cross Pipe

Park Hill Road: Class 5 to first Corner and both turnarounds

Leskinen Road: 2 cross pipes

Noted Action items on trip:

*Decision on abandoning: Roses Road, Ostman Road, Jeff Tikkanen’s Section of Silver Hill

*Decisions on Minimum Maintenance RoadAction: Second part of Park Hill Road

*Klinker Road : New Residence @ 1st house wood pile leaning towards township road, do we address this?

*Sunken turn around on Klinker Road

*Swing away mailboxes on Klinker Road, Cooper Road.

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