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Larsmont Cottages Sauna Days: A Weekend Sauna-cation

Many online sites state that the sauna is a Finnish invention, which would make sense since “sauna” is a Finnish word. One site claimed that days ago, when Finnish people moved, the first thing they did on their new property was to build a sau­na. The first saunas were mere holes in the ground filled with stones that had been heated for the occa­sion. Though they look a bit different now and come in many shapes and sizes, the tradi­tion has persevered throughout the years.

“For many, it is built into your actual cul­ture,” said Troy Meli­char, general manager of Larsmont Cottages, the venue of the up­coming Sauna Days event. “If you have Finnish, Norwegian, or Scandinavian de­scent, it’s just some­thing you grew up with. It’s something important to you be­cause it’s something you grew up learn­ing about from your grandparents and your parents. I think inher­ently it’s important to the region.”

This is the fourth year the event has been held at the resort which of­fers lodging, a restau­rant, spa, and a hot tub. “We also have a brick-and-mortar sauna here that is separate from everything else. It has its own space right along the shoreline,” Troy said. “It’s right next to the lake so our guests love to jump into the lake after a nice warm sauna and do a cool down. Real­ly, that was the inspi­ration for the event.”

Sauna Days has grown over the last four years that Larsmont Cottag­es has held the cel­ebration. According to Troy, “We’ve seen steady growth in the event and really the sauna culture overall. It has really gotten more exposure and there is more aware­ness about it than there was even four or five years ago. We’re really leaning into that market and the sauna experience overall.”

He attributes this growth to more and more people embrac­ing the sauna culture for its health and well­ness aspect. Fans of saunas claim that sau­na bathing is a form of detoxification. It might increase metab­olism and blood cir­culation and improve heart health. Regular trips to the sauna may help with sleep and re­duce stress. There are many benefits that are connected to having a good sweat.

During the three-day celebration, from May 3rd-5th, there will be three unique sauna vil­lages for attendees to access. Eleven sauna vendors will be in at­tendance. In addition, live entertainment will be provided with lo­cal music. Local food vendors will be on hand and Larsmont Cottage’s Ledge Rock Grille will be open, as well.

There will be about a dozen beverage ven­dors with brews and spirits on Saturday from 1:00-5:00 PM who will offer a tasting. There’s also an educational as­pect of the event. Ses­sions will be available to learn about saunas with speakers from all over the world.

“Come experience the sauna culture,” en­courages Troy. “Learn about the health and wellness piece of it.”

More information, including a schedule of events, is available at saunadays.com, where you can also purchase tickets. Or visit odysseyresorts.com/larsmont-cottages and look under the “Experiences” menu for the event.

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