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What is going on in our state house and senate? We think that these “leaders” are working for us, but how many times do we find out after the fact that these laws that were passed have titles that have nothing to do with what’s in them and it costs us actual money or rights lost.

Why did people come to this country so many years ago? One main reason was re­ligious freedom. They wanted to be free to choose the faith they practiced and the doctrine they believed best helped them live a free and Godly life. It has worked well for almost 250 years so far. Why does our state believe they can deny us those rights now?

One such area of a bill being considered is A1 Amendment HF4021 (house) and SF4292 (senate) Minnesota Human Rights Act modification. It violates the US Constitution and the Minnesota Constitution. This law violates both the es­tablishment clause and the free expression clause of the First Amendment, explains Karin Miller, substacks article, “Tak­ing a Sledgehammer to the Pillar of Religious Freedom!”, March 20, 2024. On March 19, 2024 our State Senate voted to deny your rights. This has not passed the house yet, but if we don’t take action it will happen with the current lead­ership. Many religious groups of all types testified against the change in this bill. There are seven other rights involved in this bill.

Democrat Chair Becker-Finn stated that the omission of language to protect religious freedom was not a mistake. This is intentional and against our Constitutional rights as citizens of the United States and the State of Minnesota. Republican Representative Harry Niska tried to offer an amendment to restore the reli­gious exemption. “We need to stand up and protect our ability to worship and fear our God, not man made laws, especial­ly when they go against basic beliefs.” Many people don’t go to church these days so, they don’t think it’s a big deal. Well, it is a big deal. If they will come after this basic ear­liest right (the First Amendment), then they will not hesitate to go after something sacred to you. We need to protect each other, not just our special interests. This goes with the term “sep­aration of church and state”. It doesn’t mean you can’t speak about religion in certain situations. It means you can’t force me to believe as you do. The state and country can’t estab­lish a national religion. Now this state is imposing its own beliefs on Church Affairs.

The state is telling churches that the doctrine or laws they have in place don’t matter. They can strip away every belief that the church has and force you to invite those who don’t be­lieve to come in and change all your beliefs. If I don’t believe in the doctrine of a church I wouldn’t imagine going in to their church and demand that I get my way. For example, I be­lieve Jesus was born, died and was resurrected. I couldn’t imagine telling a Jewish Syn­agogue to include Jesus. I would seek another church. Nor would I go into a Catho­lic Church and tell them they can’t pray the rosary. I would find another church. There are many denominations and abilities to set up your own church, so why would you try to destroy another’s? If you have a philosophy about your beliefs for yourself or your fami­ly, then establish that. Don’t destroy someone else’s. This isn’t about hate or exclusion. It’s about faith and worship while living out your beliefs. As Pastor Bob Ketterling stat­ed, “Church is not getting po­litical, politics have become religious!”

Go to the Minnesota State Leg­islature to find out who your House or Senate Members are, or call:

House (651) 296-2146
Senate (651) 296-0504

Republican Precinct Committee


Dear Editor:

To make sure Democracy continues as we know it plus stability in America and the world is to VOTE. Democrats, progressives and independents must VOTE this fall to keep the positivity moving forward and stop Donald Trump from ever setting foot in the White House again. Trump will be convicted of multiple crimes, but could still assume the Res­olute Desk chair if elected. Trump is corrupt, a traitor, a sexual predator and immoral to the core with his support­ers in lockstep. He will con­spire again to overthrow the United States Constitution and overturn the election if he los­es this November 5. But our votes will be upheld and the rule of law will squash the conspir­acy as it did in late ‘20, early ‘21. Regardless, Trump will be sent to prison, but his corrupt vice president will assume the presidency. A strong popu­lar and electoral college vote for Biden will stop that.

Joe Biden is thee vote – expe­rienced enough to harness his leadership skills, new-think and youthful imagination with the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (companies have announced nearly $300 billion in manufacturing investments in the United States). Duluth print media recently cited a MN Dept. of Employment & Economic Development statis­tic that Minnesota gained 11g jobs & 3g workers in March. A DEED official said, “Key labor market indicators are trending positive… more peo­ple are employed, and wage growth is outpacing inflation.”

Biden unflinchingly sup­ports the Affordable Health Care Act, Medicare now-ne­gotiating the price of certain high price drugs, Social Secu­rity as we know it, women’s health-care choices and rights to abortion plus marriage pro­tection for same-sex and inter­racial couples.

The Biden Administration announced debt relief of up to $20,000 for Americans earn­ing less than $125,000 per year who had Pell Grants in college, and up to $10,000 for all other borrowers below that income threshold.

He’ll sign recently House-passed legislation supporting Ukraine, Israel & Indo-Pacif­ic (Taiwan). His support of NATO is rock-solid, rallying the world to stand firm against Russian aggression that se­riously threatens the stabili­ty of Europe. Biden supports the proposed toughest-ever southern border security plan, blocked by corrupted congres­sional Trump supporters.

Joe Biden defends water protection from proposed un­proven mining practices near the Boundary Waters and St. Louis River, not to mention his strong encouragement of envi­ronmental protection.

Paul Deaner,
Crystal Bay Township, MN

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