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Two Harbors City Rec Offers Adult Exercise Night

I got dizzy doing online gym mem­bership math. I found one for $10 a month, which sounded pretty good until I saw the fine print mention­ing a pretty pricey startup fee and an additional annual fee. Some have memberships that cost more per month, but they don’t charge other fees. Some packages are bare bones, while others have additional amenities. The gym I felt was the best deal was about $50 a month with a $20 start-up fee. This was just to use gym equipment as no pool was available, nor was there a court to play any kind of ball on.

That’s why I was really surprised to hear that Two Harbors City Recreation only charges a flat $40 one-time fee for access to the high school’s gym, weight room, and pool during Adult Workout Nights. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings from March 12th to May 30th, the fa­cilities are available for swimming from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM and the gym and fitness center are available from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

During this time, the swim lanes are put in place and there is a lifeguard on duty. Access to volleyball, bas­ketball, and pickleball equipment is provided in the gym for enroll­ees to use. The adults also have the weight room all to themselves.

“It’s adults only, so you know you’re not going to get high school kids in the fitness center doing their football workouts,” said Erin Aho, who reached out to the Northshore Journal to ensure the community knew of the offering.

Erin has been the director of aquatics for the city’s recreational program for a few years. She was asked to step into the role when she moved to Two Harbors, where her husband is originally from. “I taught private lessons in Califor­nia,” she said. “I knew a lot about swimming.”

She has helped to grow the aquat­ics program since taking the helm. This year, the program is adding a “Parents and Me” class. This is de­signed so that parents can get in the pool with their kids in a group class setting. Erin explained to me that sometimes some of the young ones don’t want to go into the pool with just the instructor. (I explained to Erin that was very much me when I was just a tyke!)

This class is offered by Two Har­bors City Rec in addition to pri­vate lessons for kids 3 and older, semi-private lessons, and classes for kids getting into competitive swimming who want a little extra instruction and practice. The pool also hosts water aerobics and open family swimming in the summer. Lap swimming is offered through community education. It’s a busy pool!

There are still quite a few more days available to attend the Adult Exercise Night! To sign up, register at twoharborscityrec.com or stop by Two Harbors City Hall. Entrance to facilities is through door #14, in the back parking lot of the high school. For any questions about the program, contact Tim Reppe, City Rec Director, at treppe@isd381.org. Erin Aho is available at erin.aho@yahoo.com.

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