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Swaddling Clothes Comes to Silver Bay

Making ends meet can be difficult at times, especially for growing families facing financial stress from inflation and layoffs. That’s where Swaddling Clothes is trying to help.

A growing organization within the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Swaddling Clothes believes that all children are a blessing from God, but they also understand that the costs of raising a family can be a challenge financially. Swaddling Clothes – Silver Bay is here to help all families along the North Shore who might need a little help making ends meet.

Swaddling Clothes is open at Faith Lutheran Church in Silver Bay on the third Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., beginning February 18th. Parents, including expectant mothers, can come and receive a package of diapers and wipes. Though Swaddling Clothes only offers diapers and wipes currently, they are also curating a collection of new and gently used children’s clothing and baby items. Once the collection is large enough, it will be open to families to take what they need. Parents can also request larger items, such as car seats or cribs, and Swaddling Clothes will work to connect them with the item.

Swaddling Clothes can be contacted by calling Faith Lutheran Church at 218-226-3908. They can also be reached through email at silverbay@swaddlingclothes.org or on Facebook under Swaddling Clothes at Silver Bay, MN.

Haley Searls
Haley Searls
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