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Polar League All-Star Volleyball Game: Local Talent Takes Center Stage in Two Harbors

With my vehicle in the shop, I was grateful to see the Polar Conference All-Star Volley­ball Game live-streaming on Monday night, November 13th, from the Two Harbors High School Gym. The event teamed up All-Confer­ence players from the league’s high schools for a celebration of talent, dedication, and joy of the sport.

Wish I could’ve been there; the crowd was lively in the audio, and the cheers were particularly loud for three local all-conference vol­leyball players from our area. Senior Harper Powell and her teammate, junior Rachel Bopp, both play for the Two Harbors Agates. Mari­ner Evelyn Viney, a freshman, traveled from Silver Bay. Harper and Rachel played on the “big schools” team, and Evelyn played for the “small schools” team.

As the first set unfolded, I thought to myself that whoever rostered up the teams for the All-Star game did so perfectly, though I understand now that it is by school size, but when you have that much talent on the court you know, you are going to have a GAME.

The score stayed tight between the two teams, barely swaying more than three points each way. After the score hit 24-23, the points went back and forth, staying within 1 of each other until the set ended in a 35-37 score, with the big schools team taking the win.

The second set was equally exciting, just slightly shorter-lived. The big schools team was ahead 22—24 when Evelyn took a dive and somehow popped the ball up in the air. Her efforts forced the set to play to a 25-27 score before the big schools team claimed the win.

It was easy to see the girls were having a great time playing with their friends and rivals turned teammates and fast friends. As they did with their home teams all season, they cheered each other on and lifted each other up.

In the third, when Rachel Bopp started serv­ing when the score was 5-11, big schools win­ning, the lead pulled to 5-15 before the small schools team could get a serve. The third set ended in a 12-25, and the game came to a close.

The event came at the heels of Two Harbors Agate’s Volleyball Coach Carley Challender’s announcement that she is leaving the coaching staff. She posted, “As a coach, it’s always been my main priority to hold athlete’s character and safety in the highest regard. I find that it would be hypocritical of me to not do the same when it comes to my personal character and brain health at this time.” Thank you to Coach Chal­lender for all of her dedication to the team and for being a great partner with the Northshore Journal.

Congratulations to all the All-Conference Volleyball players in the Polar League for their great seasons. Good luck to all the seniors in their future endeavors, and for the returning players, we look forward to seeing you play next year!

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