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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

In the past few years our city has gone through some uneasy and disturbing times. A special mayor election was held. It start­ed out with four people wanting to lead us, the primary brought it down to two. Both candidates, in my opinion, are very quali­fied. I have given this all a lot of thought and our city, like a family or organization that has been through turmoil, needs normal and steady. I believe our city needs someone who has been in a city leadership role before and during everything that has gone on, someone who has seen both sides and has the ability to see ahead and is able and capable of leading us to a strong and healthy future. I believe Robin Glaser is that person. She has been our mayor in the past so she knows the job, no learning curve needed. She is currently a City Councilor At Large. Robin is a leader in our community and has been for many years. Those of you who know Robin through her work as a nurse, know her compassion and dedication, that same compassion and dedica­tion she carries to her work as a current City Councilor. Robin is also President of our church, where I serve beside her, again a true leader. When you go to the poll on April 11, please vote for Robin Glaser. A true leader, EXPERIENCE WITH INTEGRITY!

Deborah Anderson
Two Harbors, MN

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